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Italy-Norway 0-0 UEFA European Under-21 Championship Live Streaming: Pellegri Goes Close To Opening Goal!

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Italy Qualifications for the Quarterly If…

Live broadcast of Switzerland and France U-21 from 20.45.2009

17 Ricci’s cross, well found in the penalty area and blocked on a side foul.

17 ′ France lead. At the moment, Italy has qualified as the runner-up of Group D.

16′ long throw prey to the Norwegian goalkeeper. Only Italy in the field.

14 ′ Great opportunity for pilgrims! Crossing with limited laps from Rovela in favor of Pellegri, who heads wide at close range.

12′ This time a lovely cross from Bellanova who finds Gnonto in the area heading away.

11 ′ Clayson risks too much pressure from Baresi, a delay behind the legs of the Empoli blues.

10′ A bad mistake by Tonali who made up for it and then sent Gnonto going to Pellegri, refuted by Daland.

8′ great vertical by Tonali and excellent support by Pellegri who was about to show dangerous action for Italy. A wrong cross by Okoli though.

6′ yellow for Evjen. Parisi goes down the left at full speed, and the Norwegian lands him. It starts raining hard!

6, fouled by Gnonto who was about to release Ceide into the open field. Good closing for Bellanova.

4 Bellanova’s cross is too long for everyone. Goal kick Norway.

3′ There is practically no one in Cluj for this essential fixture that closes out Group D.

1′ The Norwegian team gets the ball back with Botheim but Rouvella’s good interception makes up for the mini attention.

20.44 We leave! The first ball will be for the Azzurri!

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20.43 Mamli’s anthem begins! Right face in Italy, at least from this match before the game.

20.42 The Norwegian National Anthem is in progress. Two Serie A players on the field today for the Scandinavian national team. Ceide of Sassuolo and Botheim of Salernitana.

20.40 The Azzurri could also stand a chance of qualifying as first team in the group this evening, should Switzerland win the Tour.

20.38 It will be important for Nicolato’s men to start the match well, because today’s opponent will be stronger than we might expect, Norway already eliminated, almost certainly, can certainly be defeated.

20.35 We are here! We leave in 10 minutes.

20.00 Formal training:

Italy (3-5-2): Carnischi, Occoli, Lovato, Scalvini; Bellanova, Rovella, Tonali, Ricci, Baresi; Pellegri, Junonto. Coach: Nicholas

Norway (4-4-2): Clayson, Sibulunsen, Daland, Hegelem, Wolff; Evgen, Kitolano, Hoff, sir; Bothhem, Gata. Coach: Smerod.

Good afternoon OA Sport football enthusiast friends and welcome to the live broadcast He lives The decisive match for the Azzurri’s qualification for the national team against Norway to the UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship in Romania and Georgia.

After robbing the first match of the group, which was lost by two goals to 1 against France, the children of coach Nicolato were able to straighten the continental show by winning 3-2 in the second match over group d against the Swiss, as the Azzurri also found themselves 3-0 down at the end of the first half. The match that was then complicated with the return of the Swiss who managed to make Italy live bad “last quarter of an hour”. But in the end it all went well and here we are in tonight’s match, which could allow us to reach the quarter-finals. Indeed, with their victory tonight, the Italian Under-21s will never be so sure of qualifying for the next round.

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Norway, Bottom of the group but no less powerful for this, who conceded even though he had given France a hard time, bowing to a goal Ulysses Too heavy, because the AI ​​allowed cock Cross the Alps to pass to the knockout stage. As mentioned, the 3 points may not be enough for the Azzurri, because if Switzerland, France and Italy reach 6 points we will have to check the separate classification which, in the event of “many” goals won by the Swiss over the French, would make us regret the referee’s oversight Amazing in the first group match.

We will definitely see boys Nicholas They will have to show a very solid and tangible performance, because Norway will not fight alone. Once the necessary three points are obtained, the role of the various server accounts will take over. All that remains is to wish you a good continuation with your live broadcast He lives From the match that will start in 20.45 Together with Switzerland and France.

picture: La Presse

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