Home Economy Statistics: -22 thousand workers per month in July, +463 thousand workers annually – Economy

Statistics: -22 thousand workers per month in July, +463 thousand workers annually – Economy

Statistics: -22 thousand workers per month in July, +463 thousand workers annually – Economy

And the number of unemployed people in July decreased by 32,000 units compared to June, less than two million people Million 978 thousand. Istat notices this. According to the tables, the number of job seekers fell to less than two million people in the two-month shutdown period at the beginning of the pandemic (March-April 2020). This low number after the epidemic when people largely gave up looking for work Not seen since April 2011.

The Unemployment rate It fell in July 0.1 point from the previous month to 7.9%. Istat confirms that compared to July 2021, it has decreased by 1.3 points. The number of unemployed reached one million and 978 thousand units, down 32 thousand units in June and 304 thousand units in July 2021. The number of unemployed people increased (+54 thousand in June) and the idle rate (34.4%, +0.2 points).

The Busy It decreased by about 22 thousand units in June, marking the first decline since August 2021, and increased by 463,000 units in July 2021. The occupancy rate decreased compared to the previous month by 0.1 points and settled at 60.3%. (+1.6 points in July 2021). Employees 23205000. Employees on fixed-term contracts (3 million 166 thousand) up Highest value since 1977the first year of the time series.

In July 2022, compared to the previous month, Istat asserts, Both the employed and the unemployed are decreasing while the inactive are increasing. Employment decreases compared to June (-0.1%, equal to -22 thousand units) among females (-33 thousand units while males record + 11 thousand units, permanent employees (-24 thousand units) and self-employed (-11 thousand) and all categories age, except for those over the age of fifty, among whom the employment rate drops to 60.3% (-0.1 points). The number of job seekers decreases (-1.6%, equivalent to -32 thousand units) compared to June for both sexes. Main in the 35-49 age group, unemployment drops to 7.9% (-0.1 points) and rises to 24.0% among young people (+0.1 points).

The growth in the number of inactive people between 15 and 64 years (+ 0.4%, equal to + 54 thousand units) includes men, women and age groups less than 50 years. The inactivity percentage increases to 34.4% (+0.2 points). Comparing the May 2022 – July 2022 quarter to the previous quarter (February 2022 – April 2022), there is an increase in the staffing level equal to 0.6%, for a total of 140,000 additional employees.

The number of employees in July 2022 exceeded the number of July 2021 by 2.0% (+ 463 thousand units); The increase is cross-sectional by gender and age. The only negative change was recorded among people aged 35-49 years due to demographic dynamics; In fact, the employment rate rose by 1.6 percentage points, and in fact it also rose among people aged 35-49 (+1.5 points). Compared to July 2021, the number of job seekers decreased (-13.3%, equivalent to -304 thousand units) and the number of inactive people aged 15-64 years (-3.3%, equivalent to -433 thousand). The increase in staffing, Istat notes, is determined mainly by employees who in July 2022 amounted to more than 18.2 million 200 thousand.


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