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The fisherman found and photographed a large sturgeon larger than 3 meters

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No, It is not a sea monsterAnyway It really exists and it is huge. A sample White sturgeon More than three meters were captured and released last month on the Fraser River in Canada. Observing Sturgeon’s adult model in nature is one of the most memorable experiences: he knows it well. Yves Bisson, The fisherman who met this wonderful animal. Before leaving it in the wild, Bison decided to measure, photograph, and photograph the sturgeon.

Yves Bisson described the experience as follows: After jumping out of the water twice during a “fight”, my colleagues and I looked at each other in disbelief at its enormous size. We knew immediately when we ran A special fish“. In fact, the measurements confirmed the fishermen’s forecast. The animal changed Long 3.3 meters weighing 270 kg: Significant size but not even a record for these bony fish.

A sturgeon jumps out of the water
In the picture: A sturgeon jumps out of the water

Then, after capturing this particular moment Bison and his crew released the animalThe one who slowly retreated: “After the sturgeon is released, it is quite normal to remain still and humble in shallow water.”

Sturgeons, a family of ancient “water monsters” in danger of extinction

Two Siberian sturgeons
In the picture: Two Siberian sturgeons

The Sturgeons I 27 species of fish Family member Aziphencerides Widespread throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Two sturgeons and the like Paddle fish Are defined “Ancient Fish” Because their morphological properties are relatively unchanged from the first fossil record. In fact, they formed about 100 million years ago during the Upper Cretaceous.

Are sturgeons Long-lived fish It is Late ripening And has distinctive morphological properties: a Hereditary foot paddle That is, a long, narrow body with no scales, but five lateral rows of flat bones, similar to sharks. Garbage. Because they do not have teeth, they do not chew prey, and they use sucking mechanisms to catch the prey they mainly eat. They usually come often in dark water, Eyes “useless”: They rely on a combination to orient themselves Tactile and chemical sensations detected by four barbsAnd electricity through them Ambulances of Lorenzini.

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Many species can be very largeUsually 2 to 3.5 meters long. The largest sturgeon ever recorded Beluga Sturgeon, a woman caught on the Volga faade in 1827, he measured it. It was 7.2 meters long and weighed 1,571 kg. Most sturgeons are invertebrates, which move upwards to lay their eggs, but feed on river deltas and estuaries for most of their lives. Some species live exclusively in freshwater environments, while others prefer marine environments close to coastal areas, and they enter the open ocean.

Postage stamp depicting a Sir Darya sturgeon from Tajikistan
In the picture: Postage stamp depicting a Sir Darya sturgeon from Tajikistan

Unexpectedly Many species of this family are now endangered Or has already disappeared from all the rivers and seas of the world, as it were Sir Darya Sturgeon (Pseudoscaphirhynchus fedtschenkoi) It has not been seen since the 1960s.

Many types of sturgeon They are harvested for their eggsIt is transformed into a luxury food, the CaviarAnd this led to excessive exploitation.

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