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Canada: Huawei and ZTE are excluded from the national 5G network

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Huawei And ZTE They can not cope 5G network National Canada, While telephone operators using the technologies of two Chinese companies have been asked to remove them. He made it known Francois-Philippe ChampagneLed by the Minister of Industrial Administration Justin TrudeauAccording to the company Reuters.

Canada thus integrates itself with the United States, Fearing that the transfer of user data through Chinese technologies would allow these companies to capture important information, undermining national security. On the other hand, a decision taken abruptly Already in 2018, Canada had expressed fears about the use of Huawei and ZTE networks.

He was also arrested in 2018, complicating relations between Canada and Huawei Meng WanchoKnown as the daughter of a financial director and founder of a Chinese company “Lady Huawei”. Bank fraud charge based on US arrest warrant. Meng Wanjo was later released on bail and placed under house arrest in Canada until a few months ago, after which two Canadian citizens detained in China were released. Michael Gowrick and Michael SpoverAccused of spying.

By this decision, it connects itself with Canada’s position USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand With which the country is called Five eyes network. China has reacted very negatively to the announcement by the Canadian administration, defining “Unfounded” Prohibiting and rejecting any kind of accusation that may affect the national security of other countries. China Take all necessary steps To protect Chinese companies, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Wang Wenpin.

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