The third day of IHL decided that Caldaro and Dobbiaco’s escape would continue, but after an evening it was no small matter. The third success in a row for Appiano, while Bergen won the derby against Valdivim. The arrival of the first seasonal points for Varese.

Marco Fertala decides a very difficult match with Lucci who remains on full points after the match against Como

In the match against Como, Lucci di Caldaro’s side started better, scoring 1-0 with De Donà in the first half and extending thanks to Gabriel Vinitzer (in short) at 24:43. But the Lombards are always in the game: in fact, it was Guaita and Formentini who put it all back in a draw by beating Morandell twice between 30:54 and 43:44. The match is therefore very well-balanced and defined by a special double situation: with Como reduced to three, it is Marco Fertala who signs Altaotesino’s new advantage at 53:16, so his teammates were able to resist in the final until the final 3 to 2.

Dobbiaco wins in Piedmont: a hat-trick for Majul

The long game from Tori Bellis started well for Dobbiako, taking a lead after just 45 seconds thanks to Majul. The same Mexican then provided the assist to double Purdeller at 14:42, but before and after the Piedmontese managed to send Burzacca on numerous occasions. Despite many chances, Valbe failed to shine, and also suffered a 0-3 release from Majul unleashed 32 seconds past the halfway mark. However, at the end of the second half, Corden reopened matches, so at 49:18 in double play, it was Mundon-Marin who signed 2-3 that reopened the match. However, it didn’t take Capanelli long to get to the Icebears again, so Mondon Marin lit the final again at 56:07 with a 3-4 score, before Majul signed his hat-trick in the 3-5 final at 59:03.

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Appiano is the one behind the leading duo after their unprecedented win over Bressanone

The only match practically without a date was the one between Bressanone and Appiano. Due to several absences, the Hawks were unable to strongly oppose the Buccaneers, who scored with Castlunger in the first period. Lancer and Erlacher signed the crucial extension in the center game, before Morandel signed the final 0-4 in 47:27. A high-quality shout out to Giallopio’s goalkeeper Palerre, Appiano remains undefeated.

Bergen wins the derby against Valdivim in extra time

The second derby of the evening, the Trentino match between Viemi and Bergen, was more combative. After breaking the first white net, and with a great deal of poise, the 1-0 score brought Enrico Chilodi’s signature in a game of double strength at 22:43. But three minutes later, Folten beat Steiner and rebalanced everything, to tie it 1-1 and that went on for a long time. In fact, until the 60th day, despite several occasions on both sides, neither of them has been able to achieve the winning thrust. And so served overtime, with 3vs3 lasting 71 seconds, until the Foltin prop that gave the red and white a success.

Varese wins first points of the season after beating Aleg at neutrals by Cortina

On the neutral of Cortina, Alleghe played a strong first half against a opaque Varese in the opening. The logical result of Novikov was 1-0 at 14:02, but from the central match, Mastini changed his gear. Telaro, Michael Mazakan and Franchini turned the game around by scoring three goals, then at 33:46 again Latvia’s Alleg reopened the matches before Michael Mazacani extended at 39:16. Under 2-4, Alleghe hit another shot with a Da Col missile in the third inning opener, but at 49:35, Michael Mazzacane (in the pages) was still stretched to Mastini. To close the matches and then last scored Telaro in the final 3 to 6.

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