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Football, video “Ciro Mertens” moves Napoli: goodbye only

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(Frame from Dries Mertens’ Twitter profile)

Dries Mertens farewell video moving Napoli ( “Dear Neapolitans, I knew that this day would finally come, but I never knew how hard it would be for me to greet this city that adopted me, loved me and supported me in difficult and wonderful times: the records and victories will be in the books. The people and the city will remain in my heart forever” . Dries Mertens entrusts his greetings to Naples and its people in a video posted on social media. In her arms is a son born in the city of Campania and named Ciro. “I am very proud that he was born in Naples and when he travels around the world he will always be a Napoli citizen – the 35-year-old Belgian striker continues – I was not born in Naples but for nine years Naples has been my home and the city has become a part of my blood. I decided to keep my home on the bay So I can go back as often as possible.” “My trip didn’t go as I would have liked – Mertens concluded after thanking the club, his team-mates, coaches and fans – but for me it wasn’t a goodbye, just a goodbye. Napoli, how much we had fun.”

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