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Mediterranean Games, Italy football wins the final

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Oran (Algeria)Italy in the football final at the Mediterranean Games Underway in Oran, Algeria. And visit me coach Daniele FranceschiniHe managed to pass the qualifications easily with Portugal, Greece and Turkey, They rule Morocco 2-1 in the semi-finals thanks to Raimundo’s “Bolognese” double.which is worth challenging with France, for a gold medal lost in the house of Azzurra since 1997, despite the successes of poker in the palm.

Mastrantonio Parra, Raimundo realizes

In the first half match more complicated than expectedItaly plays and touches the goal many times, but they also concede a lot. In fact, Roman Mastrantonio is one of the heroes of the first part, with exciting saves on the Morocco striker. In the second half, Azurini offered a different design and they found a double advantage thanks to “Bolognese” Raimundo, who scored two excellent goals within minutes. In the end the goal of the North African flag with Al-Khelaifi. Now the final match against France which beat Turkey 2-0.

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