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Italian Hockey League, 4 matches scheduled for the eleventh day

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There will be four races scheduled between Saturday and Sunday for the eleventh day of IHL, with the big match between Viemi and Caldaro postponed to Thursday 2 December. In the meantime, we are back on track to continue the championship journey that started Round Two with many surprises and we want to continue to stir up emotions in a ranking that has yet to be written.

Brixen awaits Alleghe

On Saturdays on the track at 8pm in Bressanone, where the Ligue 1 arrives. A sensitive challenge will not see American Matt O’Chunge as the protagonist, who this week left Bressanone to play in France’s second division. Thus, the Falcons that do not have their attack pawn will have to reorganize themselves to follow the important victory of Appiano as they accumulate two useful points in the table. Once again, the Brissinians managed to reclaim the match, which shows their extremely hostile attitude against every opponent, and will also be needed with Alleghe eager for the rematch. The Booms faced 4-0 against Unterland, a defeat that ended a streak of six wins. However, Fontana’s team has shown excellent things, so we can expect an important response to defend the current fourth place in the standings.

Dobbiaco challenges Como

At the same time, Dobbiaco and Cuomo are also playing on the field. Pusteria residents announced on Friday a good transfer market, bringing home Victor Schweizer: the 26-year-old striker had already passed away in his youth from Dobbiaco before making a good run between Bolzano and Val Pusteria, and now he’s back to play making his debut in law International Humanitarian, the tournament that can definitely make a difference. Also with him Dobbiaco wants to resume work after the defeat to Caldaro, a pause that nonetheless confirmed the good qualities of the South Tyrol team. The opponent will be Como, who has lived through the turbulent weeks of the past, with the track closed and the need to move to Milan for training, while the championship matches are being held at his home in Chiavina. Meanwhile, Larian’s side, who will have to dispense with the participation of Massimo da Rin with the Paralympic team, will try to follow up on the big win over Fiemi, a match decided on penalties that once again showed very combative toughness. A group in every disc and capable of being solid in defense.

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Mastiff vs pirates in Milan

On Sundays it will open at 18.00 with a very accurate Varese-Appiano. A key match for both, with Lombard trying to replicate the success achieved over Pergine in the last round to try to slip down the rankings. In the race with the Lynx, Barrasso’s team showed a certainly effective play system especially in defence, while in front of them we need more work in the finishing phase. Mastini’s last 160 minutes speak of a growing team, but beware of Appiano who, despite being last in the standings, wasn’t easy for anyone to beat. The Buccaneers took Bressanone to a penalty shootout a week ago, close to their second win of the season, so they will be taking to the track in Milan excited to do well to revive their season. It is reasonable to expect a very tight and closed match, where the performances of the two goalkeepers can make all the difference.

Linke, after three successive breaks, attempted to resume play against Interland

The 19.00 Challenge will see Unterland on the track at Pergine. Not an easy task for the Lynxes, veterans who stopped three times in a row and faltered in the rankings. Andrea Ambrosi’s team has a few absences many, and on Sunday Pace will miss, and a two-day suspension. It would take a company to beat the Cavaliers, an undertaking that would have to start at its half-path where as few gifts as possible would be given to powerful opponents. Somehow, the lynx always finds a way to score, what will be required is to contain the surplus Unterland. South Tyrolean returned from two closed matches, scoring 11 goals and conceding no net. Overwhelming force is obvious, especially in the game, which makes the Cavs the most suitable formation in the tournament: the savage Galassiti leads the scorers’ standings with 11 goals, but it is the entire team that makes the difference with four playing lines that are nothing short of effective.

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Italian Hockey League – Regular Season – Round 11 – 27/28 November 2021

SAP 11/27/2021 20:00 HC Falcons Brixen Bressanone Alleg Hockey
SAP 11/27/2021 20:00 AHC Toblach Dobbiaco Icebears hockey like
Dom 11/28/2021 18:00 HC Varese 1977 HC Iban Appiano
Dom 11/28/2021 19:00 Hockey Bergen Sabines Hockey Interland Cavaliers

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