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Kick for par barriers take the field

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Women’s football invaded the Helvia Resina stadium for an afternoon full of sport, fun and solidarity. The first edition of the ‘Women’s Match’, organized by the County Councilor for Equal Opportunities Laura Cestile with Yfit (the amateur sports association of the Lnd-Figc federation that deals with women’s football) and with the support of Coni, in fact, it was a fund-raising opportunity To purchase a pacemaker that will be donated to Anffas. “At the end of the women’s day, you can’t miss a women’s match,” explained Counselor Cestelli, “it was really exciting to see these girls play. These athletes show us how football is not just for men, it can be another way to overcome barriers.” cultural and gender, as well as promoting social integration. I thank the municipalities that supported the initiative, the National Media Council and the participating local associations.

Also present were Commissioner Helvia Resina Vincenzo Trombador, Mayor Sandro Barcarolli, Regional President of Coni Fabio Luna, Delegate of Coni of Macerata Fabio Romagnoli, President of Anffas Marco Scarponi and various representatives of sponsoring municipalities, as well as to many parents who did not stop encouraging their daughters to all games . Challenges opened by women’s football teams registered in the youth sectors and in the football school of the Sgs-Figc leagues of the Marche region: U10 Pulcini (7-9 years): Ancona Respect, Villa Musone, Sirolese, YFit Macerata; Under 12 Junior (10-11): Ancona Respect, Villa Musone, Sirolese, Montelupone, Valdichienti Ponte, YFit Macerata. After the challenge between the white team and the yellow team with athletes from the Serie C clubs, Excelenza Lind Marche (Ancona Respect, Ves Civitanova, E Fit Macerata, Sampenditis).

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