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Hellblade 2 and Starfield have a release window by Jeff Grubb –

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Speaking during the latest episode of the Xbox Two podcast, journalist Jeff Grubb reports that he is Senua Saga: Hellblade 2 that starfield They may have one exit windowfixed respectively for the second half of this year and for the month of June.

A few days ago, an alleged insider spoke about the release period of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, saying specifically The launch date is set for this year So the wait will not last any longer, as Grubb also seems to confirm.

As for Starfield, the release date will be revealed during the special custom event Microsoft It has already been announced, without providing a specific date yet. Is it confirmed the significance of the journalist for the month of June?

However, there is more news that Grubb revealed during his Xbox Two podcast, and that is that Undead Labs, the team behind State of Decay, will be working on new intellectual property Which will be officially announced next year.

As usual, this is information to be taken with a grain of salt, which we can consider simple rumors for now, although Jeff Grubb has proven to be a fairly reliable source for this type of prediction over time.

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