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“It was the hand of God,” the dialogue between Capuano and Chiesa: “Sol e Stron * Van in Rome”

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One of the symbols of the film directed by Paolo Sorrentino is the dialogue between director Antonio Capuano and the protagonist Fabito Chiesa.

“It was God’s hand”The film is directed by Paolo Sorrentino. The Neapolitan director was the owner of a photo of his teenage when he lost his parents prematurely to a gas leak in Roccaraso. The protagonist “Fabito” Chiesa was saved by the fact that he preferred to go to see Diego Armando Maradona’s Napoli match. One of the most famous moments in the movie is a dialogue between the director Antonio Capuano e “Fabito” Chisa. We offer you the full transcript.

Fabio: Capuano, I’m Fabito Chiesa.

Capuano: “And who cares about me, who knows?”

Fabio: “I’m a big fan of him.”

Capuano: “For me, fans are ‘ncopp’ or cazz. I love conflict, you understand guaglio. Without conflict there is no progress. Without conflict it is only sex, and sex is useless.”

Fabio: “Where are you going, wait a minute.”

Capuano: “But are you still cca? What did he look at?”.

Fabio: “Nothing, appearance is the only thing I know how to do.”

Capuano: “But do you want gee “yes or no, but what about me?”.

Fabio: “What do I want? Everything! Everything, what he said in the theater, I was shocked, I did not think it could be done in the theater, this person gets up and begins to protest.”

Capuano: “And really it ain’t done, I’m the one doing it” or it seems to me shit, I’m free. are you free? “.

Fabio: “The best answer to this question is later.

Capuano: “Do you have a little courage?”

Fabio: “Do you have less demanding questions, perhaps? “.

Capuano: “Remember, those who do not have the courage do not dare to look good.”

Fabio: “Look, Capuano, life is now that my family has broken up, I don’t like it anymore. I don’t like it anymore, I want another one, imaginary, like the one I had before. I don’t like reality anymore, reality is of poor quality, and that’s why I want to I make movies, even if I watch 3 or 4 movies at most.”

Capuano: “It’s not enough, Sheesa, it’s not enough. Or cinema, they all do this nonsense and cinema, but they will make films.”

Fabio: “I have strong doubts.”

Capuano: “And then, you need pain. Or do you need pain?”

Fabio: “Yeah, I just told him, I’m doing pretty well on that front.”

Capuano: “Hmmm and what did you tell me? Pain? No, no, you don’t keep any pain, you keep hope. Hope makes comfort movies. Hope is a trap.”

Fabio: “They left me alone, Capuano, and that’s called pain.”

Capuano: “Schisa is not enough! They left us alone. Are you alone? I don’t care if you’re not original, because you’re not.” I’ve done the movies. But do you want to say “cocos”? Do you have “cocos” to say or not? Because you see, imagination, creativity, I know false myths that do not serve nonsense. “

Fabio: “I don’t know if I have something to say, how do you understand it?”.

Capuano: “Dunno, what the fuck is this?

Fabio: “I don’t know, I was thinking of going to Rome to make a movie, so I understand if I’m off.”

Capuano: ‘In Rome? Escape? I know Roe Katz palliativ’! In the end you always come back, come back here, to failure, because all this is failure, all this is nonsense, do you understand or not? Nobody deceives their failure, nobody leaves this city Really.Rome?What are you going to do in Rome?Sul ‘e strunz vann in Rome!Have you seen how many things you have to say in this city.Have it ever happened?Maybe this city doesn’t make you think of anything to say?In short Schisa la tien “coccos a ricer” do you care or not what you say?

Fabio: “and and”.

Capuano: And fainted.

Fabio: “When they died they didn’t show them to me!”

Capuano: Don’t separate Fabio.

Fabio: “Everyone calls me Fabito.”

Capuano: “It’s time you call yourself ‘Fabio, don’t break up.’”

Fabio: “But what does that mean?”

Capuano: You must understand ‘You alone, you will understand ‘You alone, sfaccim’. Don’t separate schisa, never separate, Schisa, not you or the PPO allow…”.

Fabio: “What do you mean by why? “.

Capuano: “Because they did not leave you alone, no, they left you … I feel that I do not go to Rome, come and see me, you will always find me here.

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