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This is why other messages are coming in from the Revenue Agency: When and to whom

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Nearly 2 billion euros have been recovered thanks to letters of compliance Fromrevenue agency. L ‘Goal Fixed by banner Regarding the fight against tax evasion, it almost came true: it has now stopped at 73.7%. This figure dates back to August 30, and is contained in the second report on the status of implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan he referred to Draghi government Presented last week in Parliament.

The goal that the entire 2022 National Research Program is referring to has been set, so the new Meloni government will have to continue down this path. So far it has been sent 1.9 million characters: The Revenue Agency is clearly not over yet. This is from Goodwill notifications And when they should expect a letter from the tax authorities.

This is why other messages are coming in from the Revenue Agency: When and to whom

letters of compliance Goodwill notifications What the Revenue Agency tells the taxpayer about some Anomalies in their tax returns. Therefore, a letter of compliance is the step before the assessment notice. However, before the arrival of the control notice, the recipient of the communication can resolve the error or omission through active repentance, or if the taxpayer does not believe that the data indicated on the return are correct, he can inform the agency by sending other items and documents.

To achieve the objective of PNRR, therevenue agency He can do nothing but Continue to send well-intentioned notifications For taxpayers who have anomalies. The recipient of the call will then decide whether or not to proceed with the corrections.

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Among other things, PNRR visualizes the goal to be achieved20% increase in compliance letters. Draghi’s plan, as noted in the report to Parliament, has mapped out standards for taxpayer rolls of good character notifications and shared a schedule with technology partner Sogei. The reference audience is indicated for each listing and the period of the year in which the correspondence will be sent to the taxpayer is determined.

Letters from the Inland Revenue, the revenue agency adjusts the target to the recipients

The Revenue Agency is also working towards another goal of the NRP: Reduce “false positives” 5%, or to ensure compliance letters are sent to people who have already made errors or omissions on their tax return.

False positives have been reduced to 5,025 messages representing 0.3% of messages sent and 4% of the target set, according to the report submitted to Parliament. Among the first criteria identified to allow the identification of anomalies is Over-representation of individual Nace symbols And the existence of special tax systems.

Reducing false positives was also possible thanks to the strengthening of advanced analysis platforms and qualitative improvement of the revenue agency’s databases.

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