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It is not air for Kanto. Pistoia wins and takes the series to Game Five

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Not the air for Cantú, who lost the second match in three days in Pistoia and had to fight to reach the final on Tuesday night in the fifth match in Casale due to the double disqualification of the Desio stadium: the final 80-77, with Acqua S. Bernardo who again squandered the advantage that He enjoyed the last two minutes of the race. Logan (23 points) and Nikolic (20) are the top scorers in the Biancoblo home.

Scary first two quarters for Cantorini, never in the game and always chasing. The 25-15 in 10′ and 46-37 in 20′ are here to prove it, with Pistoia able to go up by 14 points. For Sacchetti’s team, there are many three-point shots and little involvement under the basket.

Different music in the second half: first tie (50-50) in the 27th minute and Acqua S. Bernardo still down after the first half (58-60). Cantu tries to break free in the last ten minutes, with the first advantage of the game (58-60) in the 31st minute. It was a real game until the end, as it already happened in the first and third races.

Sacchetti’s team tries to lead 72-77 with two minutes left, but there is always hope for Giorgio Tesi’s collection. And in fact he does pass the counter (78-77 with 1’30” to go). It feels like we’re viewing the finale of race three, with Cantu regrouping on the prettiest. Logan’s double fault from the bottom is unbelievable, with the second even on the counterattack.

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With 14 seconds left it was 80-77, thanks to two free throws by Whittle. Sakiti timed out. S. Bernardo starts from the baseline: Logan does it all, then misses out of all three, and Baldi Rossi also misses the chance in desperation.

GTG Pistoia: Boulogne 3, Copeland 10, Varnado 24, Whittle 16, Magro 8; Della Rosa 9, Del Chiaro 8, Benetti, Sakagi 2. Ne: Alini, Farinone Coaches: Brinza

Acqua S.Bernardo Cantù: Logan 23, Bucarelli 7, Nikolic 20, Da Ros 4, Hunt 4; Stefanelli 7, Severini, Baldi Rossi 12. Ni: Berdini, Murgello. All: bags

Referees: Cavourio, Gagliardi, Capello

Partial: 10pm-3pm, 9pm-10pm, 12pm-3pm, 10pm-10pm.

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