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The secret world of Spazio Mugré

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The secret world of Spazio Mugré

compelling Lecture by Eduardo Genzoliniguest reviewerSocial construction sitesOrganized by the Hat and Beard Society, last Sunday at the Spazio Mughri in Perugia.

With his speech titled “re-pass of time” The researcher and writer from Perugia revealed through stills and unpublished video testimonies A cross-section of the musical adventure of Who and Cream in the 1960s at the beginning of their career.

The author of the book “TWho: Concert Memories from the Classic Years, 1964-1976 And from the final volume, “Cream: Clapton, Bruce and Baker Sitting on Top of the World,” both in English by Schaefer Publishing, introduces Ginzolini to the public. A unique testament to wise and accurate historical, social and musical reconstruction.

Guitarist Ruggero Fornari earned the honor by backing the speaker in his precious narration, full of episodes and details unknown to official history thanks to a gorgeous photograph of San Francisco at the end of the 1960s.

Ganzolini recovered, as indicated in his writings during A relentless research work is a hidden memory pieced together through unpublished material provided by friends of the group, promoters, photographers or simple onlookers, a network of privately initiated contacts that made possible the unearthing of stories and anecdotes that would otherwise have been. Lost like stolen footage or the private diary pages of those who personally experienced the events related to the band’s performance.

Common points between the two groups, epic places like the fillmore and Winterlandbut in particular for Karim, a highlight is a period of a few months in 1968 in which live performances from the Atlantic were recorded, performances immortalized by director Tony Palmer, author of a documentary about her called All My Love.

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The audience was vitally involved in, and able to, the final dialogue Let’s like it The photos shown, a rare documentary with its own and fascinating history.

the next appointment Projected in the “Conversations” section of the “Cantieri di Socialità”, dedicated to musical and cultural dissemination, will be held Sunday, May 14th at 6 p.m Always in the suggestive Spazio Mogrè on Via S.Agata 1 in Perugia. On stage this time will be the seventh art with Conference “Music in the Cinema” by Giacomo Della Rocca.

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