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Italy, Mancini chooses Tonali. Barilla won’t make room for him: that’s why

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The Azzurri coach seemed intent on deploying a Milan midfielder from the first minute who appeared in good shape.

Italy qualifies for the next World Cup in Belfast against Northern Ireland. For the occasion, it seems Roberto Mancini is ready to engage Sandro Tonali from the first minute. To make room for him, second Gazzetta dello sportHowever, it will not be Niccol Parilla, despite his appearances owing oxygen in recent matches with Inter and with the national team:

The choice he makes in midfield will depend on the physical reactions of the past two days: today’s work will help him understand who he will give up, give space to Tonali (he has already been tried as a ‘high mezala’ since Monday), between Barilla and Locatelli. Whichever has the largest reservoir in reserve. In theory, the Nerazzurri, who since the end of August have played sixteen out of sixteen matches with Inter and five out of six with the national team (on the bench only against Lithuania). And those who arrived recede with muscle fatigue. But even Mancini hardly gives up his traits: tenacity and resistance that make us think – put this physical problem behind him – could be better tomorrow than Friday; And a psychological hardness that perhaps makes him feel less weight for the shirt, and the importance of some matches, compared to Locatelli.“.

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