Home World Israel – Hamas is at war, today's news | Red Sea: Ship collision, “three dead and five wounded.” “US-British air strikes on Hodeidah Airport”

Israel – Hamas is at war, today's news | Red Sea: Ship collision, “three dead and five wounded.” “US-British air strikes on Hodeidah Airport”

Israel – Hamas is at war, today's news |  Red Sea: Ship collision, “three dead and five wounded.”  “US-British air strikes on Hodeidah Airport”

• It is the 151st day of the war: more than 30,000 dead in Gaza and 71,533 wounded since October 7.
Report from Rafah by Marta Serafini.
The Aspids mission in the Red Sea was approved in Parliament.
Red Sea: A ship collision “killed two people and injured six,” according to American sources
Egypt condemns Israel's construction of 3,500 new settlements in the West Bank
Regarding the truce, Cameron warns Gantz: “Patience with Israel has reached its limits.”
Netanyahu advisor: Calm is impossible without the release of the hostages. Here is Davide Frattini's article

07.49 am – Wall Street Journal: “The White House concealed the true extent of military aid to Israel.”

The United States has sent “tens of thousands of weapons” to Israel since October 7, including free-fall bombs and precision munitions, but President Joe Biden's administration has “mostly concealed the extent of military support” for Israel in an attempt to limit criticism. The US Congress and public opinion, faced with the very serious consequences of the military conflict in Gaza. The Wall Street Journal wrote that the Biden administration, since last October, “has organized more than 100 individual arms transfers to Israel, but has formally notified Congress of only two shipments made in accordance with the main foreign arms sale.” Congress was not notified of the other shipments. It was not disclosed to the public, according to US officials quoted by the newspaper, who even in the case of the two arms transfers that were already known, the White House “used an emergency regulation that allows you to avoid the review process.”

07.38 AM – Netanyahu’s advisor: “A truce between Israel and Hamas? “It is impossible without the release of the hostages.”

(By Davide Frattini, Reporter) Jerusalem – Of his 15 uninterrupted years in power, he spent only 563 days in opposition, which he used to write his autobiography, dense pages written by hand, at night or sitting in the back seat of the official car while moving from one point to another. The other side of the country. Each draft contains approximately 10,000 words to outline in dense writing, tracing his memories. quickly. So it was one of the board's closest members who volunteered to write the chapters that were composed one by one to tell “Baby: My Story.”

Ofir Falk is a lawyer and counterterrorism expert who has studied the legal framework for targeted killings, and in the five months of the war he was among the men in the prime minister's inner circle. He rejects the hypothesis that the struggle against Hamas – as Zaman magazine wrote – could continue for another two years, in addition to a phase of military control over the Strip for eight years.

04.01 am – China supports full membership of the Palestinian state in the United Nations

China supports the “full” membership of the Palestinian state in the United Nations. Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters at a press conference. He added: “We support Palestine becoming an official member of the United Nations.”

03.45 am – Houthis: “American and British air strikes on Hodeidah Airport”

The Houthis' Al-Masirah TV reported that the United States and Britain launched two air strikes on Hodeidah Airport in Yemen, without further details. Yemeni rebels had earlier attacked a Greek cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden, killing two crew members.

03.22 AM – The Houthis: “We warned the shipment.”

True Confidence “rejected warning letters.” This was stated by the military spokesman for the Yemeni group, Yahya Saree, in a speech broadcast by the Al-Masirah channel, which is close to the Houthis. Saree said that attacks against international commercial ships crossing the Red Sea will not stop as long as the conflict in the Gaza Strip continues between the Jewish state and the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas.

03:00 – The Houthis claim responsibility for the attack

The Houthis also claimed responsibility for the attack on the shipment off the coast of Aden

02.45 am – Red Sea: Attack on a ship by the Houthis, 3 killed and 5 seriously injured.

Three sailors were killed and five injured, some of them in very serious condition, as a result of the missile attack launched by the Houthis on a commercial ship off the coast of Yemen. This was announced by the US Central Command, Centcom. Following the attack, the Barbados-flagged cargo ship True Confidence was abandoned and remained adrift with a fire breaking out on board following the attack. The ship was hit in the Gulf of Aden on Wednesday morning. The ship's owner announced that the ship was hit just over 90 kilometers southwest of Aden by a missile fired by Yemen's Houthi rebels.

02.16 am – Gaza: Press sources and Hamas present in Cairo a “non-negotiable” ceasefire proposal.

Palestinian Islamic Movement agitation Filed a document today with A A “final and non-negotiable” proposal. In order to reach a ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip. We learned this from informed sources reported by the Arab media portal “Rai Al-Youm” based in London, which reported that the document Khalil Al-Hayya, a member of the Hamas political bureau, handed it over to Abbas Kamel, head of Egyptian intelligenceThis took place during the negotiations that have been ongoing for four days in Cairo, in which envoys from Hamas and the United States, and mediators from Egypt and Qatar, participate. Delegates The Israelis are boycotting the negotiations so far. Despite increasing diplomatic pressure to reach a truce before the holy month of Ramadan early next week. According to the sources, Al-Hayya informed Kamel that he went to the North African country to express his admiration.In appreciation of the Egyptian role» in the talks, adding that “he is not authorized to conduct any negotiations.”

In the document presented by Hamas today, there are 11 conditions:
1. No Stop the war In Gaza a week before the implementation of the agreement began;
2. Clear agreement on Israel's withdrawal From the sector with international guarantees;
3. No humanitarian truceBut the actual end of the aggression against the Palestinian sector;
4. Freedom of movement In the Gaza Strip, allowing all displaced persons to return to their homes and areas without any conditions;
5. Starting from the first day of implementation of the agreement Aid will be able to enter the Strip Without dividing it into safe areas.
6. After the first week of the war stopping, the operation takes place Exchange (hostages and prisoners); Seventh
7. Every prisoner will be Released in your region belonging to the Palestinian territories;
8. Release everyone – 57 prisoners were re-arrested In violation of the agreement;
9. Detainees inside the Palestinian territories and Jerusalem are an “essential part” of the agreement e Hamas will not accept the veto Israeli at this point;
10. Hamas and the resistance factions will present inNames of Israeli hostages 48 hours before release, without There is no pre-set menu;
11. In the first exchange payment, 160 must be released Palestinian prisoners who received high or long-term sentences.

01:44 – 250 aid trucks enter Gaza in the United States of America: “We need to see more arrive”

Today, about 250 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid entered the Gaza Strip through the Rafah and Kerem Shalom border crossings to help the Palestinian population. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said during his meeting with reporters, “But it is not enough.” “We need to see more in the future,” Miller said, adding that there has been some improvement in aid distribution, but still not enough aid reaches Gaza.

01.03 am – Egypt condemns the new Israeli settlements in the West Bank

to'Egypt condemns With Israel's harsh approval Building new settlements in the West Bank. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, “The Arab Republic of Egypt condemned the Israeli government’s decision to approve the construction of approximately 3,500 new housing units in West Bank settlements.” This work reflects continuity Illegal settlement policy And in violation of the relevant Security Council resolutions and provisions of international law.” It is requested that it be Put an end to violations. «Egypt – adds the Ministry of Foreign Affairs memorandum – believes that the practices of annexation and… Seizing Palestinian lands On the part of Israel, it will not lead to undermining the legal, historical and demographic status of these territories.” Hence “the need to put an end to these practices that undermine efforts to find a just solution to the Palestinian issue and that attempt to undermine negotiations on the final status.” Therefore, Egypt calls for “The international community to take a firm stance In rejecting the Israeli settlement policy and confirming its illegitimacy, it calls on the Security Council “to fulfill its responsibility to put an end to Israeli violations of international law and international humanitarian law against the Palestinian people, and to provide them with protection and protect their rights.” Inalienable rights, and support Recognition of the Palestinian people on the 1967 borders East Jerusalem is its capital.

00:12 – Cameron warns Gantz: “Patience with Israel is within its limits.”

Patience with Israel is running out“Within the international community and also by trusted allies such as the United Kingdom. This is the warning he issued David Cameron, head of foreign affairs in the Conservative government By Rishi Sunak, AL Israeli Minister Benny Gantz (An opposition figure who joined Netanyahu's war government after the escalation with Hamas) arrives in London from Washington. Cameron confirmed in the British House of Lords that he had issued “a whole series of warnings” to the Israelis regarding the need to ensure more humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.


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