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UK, Liz Truss resigns after a month and a half: It’s the shortest term ever

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“Given the situation, I cannot carry out the mandate for which I was elected.” British Prime Minister Liz Truss, In a short message delivered in front of ten years Downing Streetannounced his resignation from the position of leader conservative British, therefore, as prime minister. He said that the government “has achieved results in Invoices Energetic“, as well as” outline a Vision for the economy a little tax collection And high growth that would exploit freedoms Britain’s exit from the European UnionBut she indicated that she had entered a “moment of great economic and international instability”, making it clear that she was unable to carry out her mandate.

Gears She only stayed in office for 45 days, which is the shortest term for a prime minister United kingdom. The second, as indicated by the British media, was from George Canningwho remained in office for 119 days before his death in 1827. Vote for new leadership, said my lord Graham Bradypresident 1922 Committee (the party organ that regulates the selection of leaders), to be held by October 28. Until the election of the new Conservative Party leader, the Prime Minister will remain in office. The budget will be announced on October 31.

political collapse On September 5, Truss was elected leader of the Conservative Party, defeating his opponent Rishi Sunak. Just three days later, on September 8, the Queen died Elizabeth He is 96 years old and has ruled for 70 years. On September 23, it was one of the first important economic initiatives of the new government GearsChancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Quarting It advertises the so-called “mini budget” which includes approx 45 billion pounds in tax cuts. step alert i marketsso much so that after a few days GBP It represents the lowest value ever for dollar American. At the beginning of October, the first turn arrived, with Gears And the Quarting who decided not to lower the higher tax rate on Revenuesa choice that sparked fierce criticism within match governor. On October 14, a decision was made Gears dismissal Quarting and replace it with Jeremy Hunt. Along with Hunt, comes another turn, with the decision to review most of the planned tax cuts. the new Advisor Then he admits that taxes must go up. The criticism from the direction of Gears Increase, whether within his own party or from the opposition. Gears He tries to defend his options, noting that they are “all taken to ensure the stability of the base.” But this is not enough, and today, October 20, just six weeks later, the announcement of his resignation has arrived. Following the announcement of the resignation of the leader of the British opposition Labor Party Care Starmercalled elections “on the spot,” while Hunt has already specified that he does not intend to run for party leadership. governor.

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The French president was among the first to comment on his resignation Macronwho hopes Great Britain can find stability as quickly as possible”, for our sake and From Europe“. From He flies Instead comes the harsh comment of the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria ZakharovaAccordingly Gears “You will be remembered for their terrible ignorance. there Great Britain – He said – He’s never had a Prime Minister like this embarrassmentFrom the United States Chief of Staff of the White House Ron Klein They ensured that close relations with Britain were maintained, whoever their prime minister was. “All I want to say is that our country has always had a special relationship with the UK, regardless of their prime minister’s policy,” he said. Klein.

Liz Truss career – She was the third woman to play a role in the country’s history after the conservatives Margaret Thatcher And the Theresa May. She took office on September 6, and was voted to succeed Boris Johnson by 81,326 members of the Conservative Party, who preferred it to the former Treasurer Rishi SunakWhich got 60,399 votes. The extreme plan your government announced to revive the economy was fatal, and the absence of guarantees of coverage triggered turmoil in the markets, forcing them to back off and apologise. Gears She had faked her picture on that one from Thatcher. There were several references to the former Prime Minister: From a photograph taken on board a British Army tank in Eastern Europe (Similar to the Iron Lady during the Cold War) to the bow blouse, elegant Thatcherwhich the minister wore during a television debate.

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Gears , She is 46 years old, born in Oxford in 1975 to a mathematics professor and nurse. Gears He attended a public high school in Leedsin northern England, then studied philosophy, politics and economics at the University of Oxford, where he was for a short time part of the centrist liberal democrats and advocated the abolition of the monarchy. married to Hugh O’Learyand with two teenage daughters, Gears Work as an economist for an energy giant coincidence For the telecommunications company cable and wirelessAnd for a right-wing think tank, it’s committed to that Policy governor And he embraced Thatcher’s ideas of the free market.

I applied twice in vain to Parliamentbefore being elected in 2010 to the seat Southwest Norfolk, in the east of England. In the 2016 referendum on the release United kingdom From the European Union sided with “stay”. But then he was part of the government JohnsonStrongly Supporters of Britain leaving the European Unionfirst as Minister of Commerce and then Foreign Affairs, which won the sympathy Brexit from the Conservative Party. as minister of Foreigner She was at the forefront of those supporting Ukraine and Western sanctions against Ukraine Russia. He also played a leading role in the struggle between London and Brussels over post-Brexit trade deals.

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