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Pietro Borghi is also there –

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Pietro Borghi is now sure to be in hockey at Varese and he will also be for the upcoming 2022-2023 season up front.

Someone, after signing Marcello Borghi in yellow and black, was surprised not to see his brother confirmed together as usual, but the wait only lasted a few days. It was just a matter of fine-tuning a few details about Pietro’s work, but boy would it never fail and his desire to do Varese Hockey’s new HCMV track became a reality in these hours.

The next season for Pietro Borghi will be the fifteenth in which he will wear the yellow and black jersey, despite his age of 24: that is why Pietrino is part of the history of the last fifteen years of Mastini.

It’s not easy to get people on the outside to understand the importance of Pietro in the locker room and in the team, but it’s certainly easy to explain: a good guy, always with a positive attitude, kind, smiling, loved by everyone, no one left out. In addition to the contribution he can make on the ice (his game has been constantly growing in recent years), Pietro is also able to give more. An icon when he was injured and on crutches, he met him at the ice rink to support his teammates by making “the trip” even though he wasn’t called. His desire to return as quickly as possible was tangible.

An affirmation that therefore has a triple value: on the track, with a game able to annoy opponents directly from building movement, in the locker room for its ability to bring enthusiasm and positivity, off the ice because it never avoids smiles, photos, interviews and autographs.

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Moreover, his association with these yellow and black colors is truly incredible and should be an example to many, as well as never letting go, even when things are not going well from the point of view of the game and the sporting score.

Even when he did not share it in the past, he has always made himself available with dedication, commitment and determination, trying to defend our colors which, perhaps a little more, are also their colors and emblem which is not only sewn on the shirt, but which Pietro Borgi has permanently imprinted inside his heart and no erased

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