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Hunter Biden’s Demons: The Trial That’s Now Rocking the White House

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Dark clouds gather over the White House. Who he met Joe Biden Recently, he said he saw a man who was anxious and resigned. The president has just returned from a hellish week that began with a news conference in Vietnam in which he appeared tired and confused. Then came the news of the start of the procedure isolation On the one hand Loudspeaker From House Representative Kevin McCarthy and the strike called by the Auto Workers Union. The final stab came from the journalist’s “friend”, David Ignatius, who is from Pages Washington PostAfter recognizing his great merits, he called on Old Joe to step down and make way for a younger candidate.

However, none of this hurt the president as much as the announcement of the indictment against his son Hunter by special prosecutor David Weiss. And it couldn’t be otherwise for a man who has made family his center of gravity in a life marked by hard-earned political successes — Joe, before his 2020 victory, ran for the White House in 1988 and 2008 — and an outsized proportion of tragedies. It is a circumstance that inextricably links the Biden family to the Kennedy family, another American dynasty of Irish origins forged in joys and mourning.

Just elected for the first time Senate In 1972, Joe lost his wife Nella and daughter Naomi Christina in a car accident. The couple’s other young children, Beau and Hunter, were also in the car with them. Both children survive and the future president will raise them with love and dedication, later supported by his new wife, Jill Tracy Jacob, with whom he will have another daughter. Every evening for 36 years, Joe took the train from Washington to Wilmington, Delaware so he wouldn’t miss dinner with his family.

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The Senator has big dreams for his eldest son, Beau. He sees in him the best version of himself and imagines him as his political successor. Hunter, a lawyer and lobbyist who grew up in his brother’s shadow, likes to have the informal socializing of the business world. Not long after he finished his studies in Yale Law School Hunter will face his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction that will accompany him for many years to come.

Beau’s death in 2015 due to a brain tumor upset the family’s balance. Joe, wanted by Barack Obama As his running mate, he decided to leave the field for the nomination Hillary Clinton In the 2016 presidential election. For Hunter, the slide into the abyss is accelerating, a period of his life that is still at the center of Republican attacks and to which he has now been indicted.

In 2014, Hunter was appointed to the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company under investigation for corruption, with ties to other foreign entities in China, Romania and Kazakhstan. Republicans suspect that the then-Vice President’s son used…The illusion of arrival“To his father in”Trafficking in influence“The features of which are not entirely clear.

Hunter Biden with son and father Joe.

The charges brought against the fifty-three-year-old man a few days ago relate to illegal possession of a weapon purchased by providing false information about drug use. The trial is expected to take place in 2024 in full Election campaign. However, there is a possibility that we will soon be charged with crimes related to tax evasion. On this particular front, Hunter has filed a lawsuit against the companyInternal Revenue Servicethe US Internal Revenue Service, for illegally publishing his tax information and failing to protect his private documents.

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Republican candidate Donald Trump He expressed his disappointment that the investigations did not shed light on the role his father Joe played in Hunter’s affairs and is talking about Corruption in the White House. Although no evidence has emerged against the president, Biden is weighing heavily on him, as some of his trusted men reported The New York TimesOn charges of “not knowing how to say no” to her son. A “sin” that will not be the subject of a judicial ruling, but which Americans may not forgive at the ballot box.

Aside from the judicial events, the crimes committed, and the president’s errors in judgment, what draws attention is that which is impressive. A series of errors Hunter’s actions became the subject of political conflict between Democrats and Republicans. In fact, details have emerged about his addiction, his divorce after a long marriage, a failed relationship with Poe’s widow, and an encounter with a stripper from whom a recently identified daughter was born. In normal times, fighting against the demons of the son of the most powerful man in the world would have been judged to be a family matter that should be kept out of the election campaign. However, these are not normal times in America.

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