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Is the crazy “Indy did nothing” of the Big Bang theory true?

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Among the many crazy arguments in The Big Bang Theory, one discovered more than expected. It’s about Raiders of the Lost Ark, chapter one of Indiana Jones, and claims that none of the hero’s actions really affect the plot. In other words, it is useless: but perhaps this theory?

If you’re in the mood to speculate – but it’s reasonable, at least, for once – we recommend it. Rambo death theory He’s back on top lately. Of course, it won’t take root or become as trendy as the one we’re about to refute that (probably) heard from an episode of The Big Bang Theory I remained famous. It’s about a chapter from the famous saga created by Steven Spielberg starring Harrison Ford, which is now waiting for one indiana jones 5 release date. But the offending chapter, as we mentioned, goes back to 1981. We’re talking about the immortal Raiders of the Lost Astronomy.

The theory is known asIndy did nothing“And as you can imagine from the title, it claims that Ford’s character—that is, the protagonist and main modifier of the entire plot—did, in fact, do nothing, with his actions, to direct the events or events of the film. Conclusion. In other words, Indiana Jones will be negative, at the mercy of the same movie that was the protagonist and that would have launched a franchise like few others. Even better: Indiana makes choices and takes action, but The movie will end in exactly the same way Even if he was absent all the time. This, at least, wants the theory.

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Which, if you really want to give him credit, doesn’t seem at first too crazy. Critics argue that the truth is that throughout the film Indiana is always one step behind Belloc, contender in Nazi salaries to guarantee Adolf Hitler, on the eve of World War II, control of the Ark of the Covenant, capable of leading any army to final victory. In film closing tapes, The Nazis open the ark Without taking any precautions—like Indiana, on the other hand, who knows it doesn’t have to look at it—they are then slaughtered by the spirits it contains. Consequence: the Nazis They would have died and the plan failed even without Indy’s intervention.

In fact, he would have put a rod in the wheel to find out and thus postpone the defeat of the Nazi campaign. However, what this theory does not take into account are the alternatives that could have been created If the ark were brought to Berlin, as it was from the original plans. As directed by Hitler, the expedition was not supposed to open the ship in the desert, but wait for it to be evaluated by experts in Berlin. It is precisely the constant instillation of Jones that drives Belloc to exasperation, prematurely opening the ark It caused the Nazi bankruptcy.

According to some, who overturned Indy did nothing, if the ship had reached Berlin as planned, it would have affected World War II in two equally extreme ways. On the one hand, it could definitely be kill Hitler And his entourage, put an end to hostilities in one fell swoop. On the other hand, if scientists do their job, and understand the power of astronomy and the respect it should have, they can (in fact) harness its power and put it in the service of Adolf Hitler. What do you think of this theory? Tell us in the comments!

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