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Trailer for the movie The Lions of Sicily, between Myriam Leon and the Florio family

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Rome – from 1799 to 1868, from the departure of the brothers Paolo and Ignacio Florio from Bagnara Calabra for Sicily, to the years immediately following the landing of Garibaldi, and from a spice shop in Palermo to the commercial and maritime empire built by the Florio family, the royal family. Sicilian Belle Era family. The saga spanning three generations becomes an eight-part TV series: Sicilian lions Based on the 2019 novel of the same name by Stefania Ossi, written by Ludovica Ramboldi and Stefano Sardo, directed by Paolo Genovese and starring Michele Riondino, Myriam Leone, Donatella Finocchiaro, Vinicio Marchionne, Esther Pantano and Edoardo Scarpetta. It will be presented at the Rome Film Festival as a national preview in the Freestyle section, where the first two episodes will be shown, before arriving on Disney+ starting October 25.

  • Video | Here for Tractor From the series:

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