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Iran, protesting at the funeral of Mohassa Amini, 22-year-old killed because she wore the hijab badly

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From Viviana Mazza

A number of wounded were wounded in Saqez, the city where the girl lives, and in the capital, Tehran. Whoever takes to the streets criticizes Khamenei, too

at a funeral maha amini, the 22-year-old Iranian girl who was beaten to death for not wearing the hijab well, the women and her peers took off the hijab. And the They shouted: Death to the dictator.

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Four people were injured After police officers used tear gas and dispersed the crowd, according to information published on social media, it could not be verified. The Internet has been blocked in the city of Kurdistan. The 22-year-old died in a Tehran hospital: she ended up in a coma two hours after her arrest for not respecting the rules of the hijab.mandatory in the Islamic Republic.

The intelligence wanted the family to bury her in the early morning, when it was still darkAs soon as the girl’s body arrived in his city, he fell. But the family did not accept – says blogger Fahramand Alipur, who lives in exile after participating in the Green Wave movement in 2009, which the authorities suppressed with blood. They buried her around 10.00, when thousands of her compatriots arrived. The protests also spread to Sanandaj, the regional capitalVideo: Protesters are seen walking and gunfire is heard.

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Several artists and personalities of Iranian cinema wrote tweets and posts on Instagram against the morality police, accompanied by the hashtag “No Ershad Cream” nor “Violence against Women” and the chant of Mahsa Amini’s name: Repeat her name and don’t forget what Iranian women are going through
And the Written by famous actress Taraneh Alidouosti. Academy Award-winning director Asghar Farhadi talks directly to the girl he is posting a picture of in a coma in the hospital, and expresses her bewilderment at what touched her. I feel disgusted, this time with myself. You’re on a hospital bed, but you’re more awake than us, while we’re all in a coma. We pretend to be sleepy in the face of this endless persecution. We are complicit in this crime. Banta Bahram, a great actress, posts a drawing of death with a scythe leaning on a police car and remembers an incident when she was fifteen, when the morality police, called Kommeth with his cousins, called her for clothes.

But Street protests also criticized the regime and Supreme Leader Ali Khameneias evidenced by a video posted on Twitter in which his picture was sprayed.

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