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Now you can buy the car with QR code

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The simplicity of buying a Tesla car has helped to increase the need for customers to differentiate between types of new cars they buy. Jeep Thus he read an original way to get information about the car fleet of the house and to continue selling.

2022 proves to be Jeep’s ambitious year, which continues to invest in meeting customer needs after the launch of the new hurricane engine. In line with the 100% electric SUV expected in 2023, the Canadian division of automakers recently announced an ambitious plan.

The Jeep codeThis is the name of the technology introduced by the company, which is a system made possible by Snapchat Convert the iconic front grille to the QR code. With this, you will enter the scanned model of the car with complete information like technical specifications and close dealers. From here, it is possible to start the first phase of the procurement process.

According to Jeep Canada’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, the target, William Lavasour, Facilitates the customer and gives him the opportunity to discover the various layouts of the Jeep showroom. Instead, what do you think about this project? Let us know as usual with the comment below.

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