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Inter, Calhanoglu: “We want to bypass Milan” – Sports – Football

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Milan, March 29, 2022 – Turkey and Italy are worthless, a match between two disappointed, between two teams excluded from the World Cup. But it’s to play and it can be Calhanoglu It is the last piece for the national team before focusing on the Scudetto fight from inter. Nerazzurri Number 20 is ready for battle, in this last rush that sees Milan before NaplesInter with a third stalker Juventus In its wake and on Sunday there is the challenge of the old lady.

Calhanoglu: We want the Scudetto

The Turkish playmaker spoke on the sidelines of the match against the Azzurri, among the losers of the world’s first crossroads. After the match, it’s time to focus on the internet“As soon as I return I will focus on the tournament – his words – there are many important matches that you will play and each one will be a final, we want to win.” But the arrangement became complicated, even with the recovery from the match, Inter’s fate is no longer in their hands: “There is a great balance at the top, we are playing for the championship and Milan are leaders, but we miss a game and we want to overtake them in the second leg.” He will be a key player in Turin on Sunday, where Inzaghi can restore Brozovic in midfield.

sensei scamaka

There is a great movement around the jewels of Sassuolo. Berardi, Scamaca and Fratesi They are coveted players by the big three clubs, namely Inter, Milan and Juventus. It seems that the Nerazzurri has an advantage over skamka, while in the other two files, competitors moved significantly. The first target is the attacker and Marotta is considering a move to lower the price a bit while already getting the player’s approval. idea plus Pinamonteto also include Stefano senses, closed at Inter and reassessed at Sassuolo, his former team, if Sampdoria do not invest in him in the summer. Karnevale will happily hug him again.

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