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Inter, Standard & Poor’s 415 million new bond rated B: ‘Extremely Speculative’ | first page

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Inter announced last week the closing of the bond 415 million euros, at an interest rate of 6.75% (about 29 million per year). It is listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Among the pledgers of the bond there are also Oak treewhich last year granted a 275 million euro loan to the family’s holding company, Luxembourg Chang.

The transaction was managed with Rothschild As a financial provider and with Goldman Sachs As global coordinator and ledger manager. The last investment bank took a commission of more than 6 million, of which 50 million was compensated by 5%.

Global rating agency Standard and Poor’s has given the international bond an initial B rating: ‘highly speculative’.which are referred to in the financial markets as “junk bonds” or “junk bonds”.

S&P . Ratings Scale
Maximum capital security: AAA.
High rating, more than good quality: AA +, AA, AA-.
Medium to high rating and medium quality: A+, A, A-.
Low to medium rating, low to medium quality: BBB+, BBB, BBB-.
Non-investment, speculative area: BB +, BB, BB-.
very speculative: b +, BB-.
Significant risk: CCC +.
Highly speculative: CCC.
Capital loss risk: CCC-, CC, C.
Default: d.

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