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DeepWell DTx wants to create games enriched by medical science, is the new project by Mike Wilson –

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Mike Wilsonco-founder of Devolver Digital, announced that it has reached out to Ryan Douglas, a leading medical technology pioneer, to create a company to develop, fund and publish Games enriched by medical sciences. The company will be called DeepWell Digital Therapy (DTx) After 18 months of presentation and construction of its facilities, it is now ready to reveal its activities.

We are talking, in fact, about a modern video game publisher and developer, but above all we are talking about a unique person. In fact, we are not talking about a publisher dedicated to entertainment only, but all of its products must simultaneously support, improve and speed up the processing of a series of diseases spread globally.

So it’s not entertainment, but DeepWell DTx products should be designed to change the lives of gamers and reach people around the world who want to improve themselves simply by playing.

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DeepWell was created by Mike Wilson, co-founder of Devolver Digital, and Ryan Douglas, founder and former CEO of international medical device company Nextern. Wilson and Douglas formed a group of Industry professionals Video games and the medical field so they can collaborate and lead the development of DeepWell games, work with independent creators from around the world to publish new titles spanning every platform and genre, and make the company’s thoughtful technologies available to help developers design and re-propose games under new guise to amplify their innate therapeutic value. DeepWell is already working on a series of DTx games that will support the company’s patented technical processes and systems.

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“Video games are often criticized for their alleged negative impact on the mind and body,” he said. Mike WilsonCo-founder of DeepWell, which has produced more than 100 games in two decades. “However, the scientists who study this medium and the developers who create masterpieces for video games know very well that it is in fact quite the opposite. DeepWell combines entertainment and medical science to show everyone that video games can do well 2 and thanks to global digital distribution, they represent An important tool for making treatments accessible and affordable.
Also, since video games are fun, patients and gamers will be more tempted to play them to reap the positive effects. Soon, some of the world’s best video games will finally be recognized for what they are: potent medicine. In addition, game designers will create a new system with the ability to reach the largest number of people on the planet.”

Built in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, DeepWell’s DTx Games represent a new tool to address the pervasive crisis that continues to threaten health systems around the world. During the pandemic, inequality in access to quality health care has increased, exacerbating future prospects. The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) predicts that by 2030, mental health will become the main health problem, while the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the number of people in the world with some form of disability, which currently corresponds to more From billion, it is expected to increase steadily in the coming years.

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“In order to create games that can deliver tangible results, we have decided that every DeepWell title must have an attractive gameplay system. Without this it is impossible to support any kind of therapy,” he said. Ryan DouglasCo-founder of DeepWell, which has overseen the design and launch of more than 20 FDA-approved medical devices. “With our world-class developer team at the helm, and supported by leading science and medical professionals, we are creating and reproposing games that, in addition to being fully entertainment products, also deliver effective digital therapies. They adapt to our congenital neurological reward mechanisms. We are facing a moment It will bring the world of video games closer to the world of medicine in an unprecedented way, conducive to a level of patient engagement, an aspect that has been largely ignored in modern medicine.”

more than 40 creatorsIndustry-leading game designers, scientists and medical researchers have joined forces with DeepWell in response to pressing public health concerns related to mental conditions, severely exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need to scale up therapeutic devices for digital healthcare to address the situation. Its expert advisory board has donated time and resources and collaborated in identifying and organizing the fundamental principles of therapeutic game design in order to advance the power of interactive media for generations to come. The gaming experts on the advisory board include well-known industry leaders, including Tom Hall, Zoe Flower, Rami Ismail, Lorne Lanning, and American McGee.

between the doctors The council’s medical research experts include notable personalities, including Dr. Samuel Broad, Dr. Lisa Marron, Dr. Anne-Marie Porter, Dr. Justin Sistema, Dr. Len Hatled, and educator Jeff Hopkins. The opening list of DeepWell games is expected to appear in 2023. Developers interested in partnering with DeepWell and learning about the features of the company’s proprietary toolkit can contact the team directly at official site.

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