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Inline Hockey: The Snakes are on their way to finding third place with two games in 72 hours. Also in the stadium are Junior and Siri C.

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the Asiago Fibers You have the option to close the regular season at the third place in order of league, but to succeed, they will have to fight to the teeth in the last two scheduled matches between them today, with the home match against Castle, e Tuesday for recovery a Ferrara.

Sunday morning Vibrate subordinate under 12 e 16 will participate respectively against Montorio e Treviso.

Asian teams Series C, inside black out at home against Treviso Which newt from the scene Castle.


Only the children of coach Luca Rigoni play 72 oreThe possibility of closing this first stage of the tournament in third place but above all we are playing for it important points Due to Master’s Tour – with – two games Which will help us, after two weeks of complications due to the health emergency, in finding some condition Based on Balance Generally, as stated by the company.

the snakes Captain Marco Frigo, Ricardo Chivo and goalkeeper Daniele Faccinetti are recovering, but it looks like they still have to give up the support of Enrico Chilodi and young goalkeeper Nicolo Parini.

Eighteenth day meetings

All scheduled at 20:00
Cos Verona – Libes Piacenza (Ferini and Mancina)
Asiago Fibers – Citadel Hockey (Mary and Gallo)
Ferrara Warriors – Ivy Triest (Slavero and Zubilito)
HC Milano – Monelale Sportleale (alloy and nail)
The Devils of Vicenza – Ghosts of Padova (cold and snow storms)
(Pairs rule in parentheses)

Italian league standings

Inline hockey Serie A standings for Match 17

Follow the live broadcast of the meeting

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under 12

Asiago Snakes Under 12 Years Old Bludogs Montorio

the Vibrate Delunder 12 They will be busy Sunday at 12:00 At the Via Cinque in Asiago against Bludogs Montorio. critical challenge for top of the ranking from area 2.

Inline Hockey U12 Ranking Round 2
Arrange before the fourth day

Under 16 years old

Asiago Vipers under 16 Treviso

the Asiago Fibers From a U-16 team that will face peers Renault Sporting Treviso far Sunday at 11:00 to defend the current first place in the classification of zone 2.

Inline Hockey U16 Standings Round 6
Arrange before the seventh day

Series C

Sunday at 18:00 Asian teams participating in the Italian Serie C Championship will also take the field, with Salamander, currently at the top of the group B table, away from Castle, for example black out On the right track against a team Renault Sporting Treviso.

Asiago Newts Citadel Nicolas Tesari

Group B matches

18:00 Citadel HP “C” – Asiago Newts
18:00 Asiago Blackout – Renault Sporting Treviso

Italian Inline Hockey League Standings Round 4
Arrange before the sixth day

Credit: Photo Vanessa Zinobini

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