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Nothing goes as expected in the video

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The video posted on social media from a zoo page, which depicts a very hungry crocodile, is a huge hit on TikTok.

Crocodile (Image via Canva) –

visit Zoo It is one of the emotions More widespread so that it unites adults and children. The ability to see up close the animals Strange and perhaps not yet known for sure she is arousingEven if the environmentalists who have long decried the uselessness of these places and, at times, the mistreatment of species do not think the same way.

Many of them also come from zoos video Then share it on social media depicting strange scenes or abnormal behavior on the part the animals that them Live. Just like the one at The Reptile Zoo, there is a zoo at Californiaon whose page a film Crocodile championship.

Zoo worker feeding crocodiles, funny video on TikTok

There are many videos on channels The social network of The Reptile Zoo, a zoo located in Fountain Valley, a town in the state of California in the United States. the footage they collect Millions From the views and comments by users.

Addicted hungry crocodile video
Crocodile (Image via Canva) –

One of them, posted on Tik Tok In the He walks affiliate 2021about a very hungry crocodile: in the video we see one of the employees who worked to feed one A pair of reptilesbut nothing happened as planned, exactly as described in caption from the video itself. Once the door to the tub was opened, the animal pounced on the meat by biting into the tool used by the attendant and managed to get out of the tub. a Scene Which first aroused employee W’s laughter camera operator Then these users.

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Crocodile force his bite

Addicted hungry crocodile video
Zoo and crocodile employee (TikTok screenshot – thereptilezoo) –

others users They also emphasized the danger posed to the zoo employee given the endangerment of the species. the marine crocodileIn fact, according to a rating drawn up by experts, it has the second most powerful bite in the world, managing to apply more pressure than 3600 psi (inches per square foot) allowing it to reduce to crumbs there Meat in seconds.

But to whom belongs the bite The strongest in the world? Always to a crocodile, specifically to a crocodile Nile which comes just fine 5000 psi.

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