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“We want to please our audience”

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There are ten matches left until the end of the football championship and Dolomiti Bellunesi is in the playoffs. Despite the 40 days marked by the virus at the beginning of the year, the round of strength to recover from illness, disease and injuries lost, in the last period, has weakened employees.

Next Saturday, in advance, the appeal proposes to the Belluno Sports Center, at 3 pm, the confrontation with Union Vice-Captain Claudines Chioggia for Mr. Andreuchi. “These are the best matches to face,” affirms Dolomites president Paolo De Cian, “because they offer special incentives and push every player to raise the bar.” De Cian believes in the company: “It will be a gift to us and to the audience who has always supported us and to whom we would like to give great satisfaction”.

De Cian aims for a place in the top five: “This team has all the possibilities. The important thing is that no other problems or injuries occur. By the way, we are restoring some basic elements. Like Boskoko and Simon Corbanez: I hope the captain can at least on Saturday be able to sit on the bench.” The president “accuses” his children: “They always work hard, at every training session. And the best is what they will have to bring to the field against Clodiense as well. At this point we will have the possibility of obtaining a positive result.”

In conclusion, special attention is paid to young people: «I hope they have space in the last part of the season. They have qualities that deserve to be tested in a tournament like the Italian Serie A.”

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