December 11, 2023

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Indiana Jones 5: Movie Duration Revealed By Kathleen Kennedy | Cinema

Indiana Jones 5: Movie Duration Revealed By Kathleen Kennedy |  Cinema

On the sidelines show the new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Quarter of Destiny At the Star Wars 2023 Celebration, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy Questions answered clashers On the length of James Mangold’s Going Away at Showtime:

It lasts about 2 hours 22-23 minutes. Let’s say the first Indiana Jones movies were even shorter, lasting less than two and a quarter hours. And that’s something we’ve talked about…but you know, with the length of movies, it’s all about how you feel, right? If you’re at the cinema, you watch the movie and it seems like it’s too long… The reason is interesting, because a long story is something we love when we watch a streaming series. It might be a result. But who knows, this year there were so many three-hour films that I didn’t mind their length at all!

Kennedy is right: Raiders of the Lost Ark It lasts 115 minutes, and Temple of Doom lasts 118 minutes. The last crusade It lasts 128 minutes, while Kingdom of the Crystal Skull It takes 122 minutes. Thus the maximum duration is two hours and eight minutes.

The film’s release date is set for June 28 In Italy. Find all information about the movie in our profile.

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