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Checco Zalone, have you ever seen his car? Not the little car he drives in his movie

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Checco Zalone has been driving regular cars in his movies, but in everyday life he enjoys a really exciting racing car.

It’s really impossible not to mention him among the best comedians of this generation Chico Zalon. His films have made millions of Italians laugh, and even think, which is why he certainly can’t complain about his earnings.

Checco Zalone (Source: Ansa Photo)

Setting records at the box office on several occasions has allowed him to enjoy the luxury of some exceptional machinery. So let’s go and see with cool car what police comedian has.

Checco Zalone and his Volvo XC90

Chico Zalon So he doesn’t drive a Porsche LPG or vintage luxury cars, but the car he travels the streets of the whole world with is a beautiful car. Volvo XC90.

In this picture we see him smiling in front of his car during the exhibition in the salon Volvo. For him, this is a huge leap forward, since he has announced in the past that he owns one Minnie.

Checco Zalone Volvo XC90 (Source: Off-Road Vehicle)

In addition to movies, Chico Zalon He never denied his great love for cars and saw the choice as a purchase Volvo XC90 We can say that the facts confirm the words.

What car does Checco Zalone have? Volvo XC90

We are talking about the top model among the various cars made by the Swedish house, with Volvo XC90 currently available in the market at the lowest cost 78,600 euros.

It is a permanent four-wheel drive, 4×4 SUV that allows you to cross even the most inaccessible roads without problems. The technological development is really exciting with a digital instrument cluster and a touch screen.

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Driving is comfortable and the interiors are of the latest generation, giving a look at the use of leather seats and developing grip on the road. There are currently three different types and they are all hybrids.

On the one hand we have the classic petrol hybrid, with a 4-cylinder engine, 2000 cc, with 250 hp and very low consumption given its size, only 8.7 liters per 100 km. This variant starts at €79,050 in the version B5 Core AWD, and rises to 90,650 order B5 Ultimate AWD.

there Volvo I also pushed a lot for the plug-in, which is a hybrid with a larger electric motor. The engine does not change, but the horsepower increases significantly, reaching 455. The top speed remains 180 km / h, but to get it you go from 89,700 euros from T8 Core AWD to 99,750 euros from T8 Ultimate AWD.

Finally, we close with the most popular, namely the diesel hybrid. The engine is confirmed as a 4-cylinder with a capacity of 2000 cubic meters and there is 235 horsepower at a cost of only 6.9 liters per 100 km. basic version, B5d Core AWD, It is the cheapest of the range and starts at 78,600 euros, while the luxury with B5d Ultimate AWD It is 90,200 euros.

Checco Zalone Porsche Gpl in the movie “What a beautiful day”

One of the most iconic moments in the movies Chico Zalon It is when a comedian decides to fill his LPG Porsche 911 Convertible. A very unique and strange choice, but in fact the Stuttgart company has never denied this possibility.

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Porsche 911 (Source: Adobe)

Take a look at the forum “” It shows how enthusiasts are not happy with the presence of LPG Porsches on the market.

911 is a model produced by the Stuttgart company since 1963 and has undergone many changes, but in “what a beautiful day” The fuel economy version came as a surprise to many.

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