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IHL: The Mastiff Series’ second comeback fails, Caldaro forces himself in and extends the series

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Caldaro starts hard, who from the first minutes immediately tries to warm up Perla’s reflexes.

After 5 minutes, Lucci’s first goal came in numerical superiority, and after two minutes, the goal of double De Donna comes. A killer one-two can stun anyone, but Varese immediately has a double edge advantage on the ice and M. Borghi takes full advantage of it to cut the damage in half, capping it with a job well developed by Giallonero’s own team. Having regained numerical parity, M.

The challenge comes in the 17th minute: first De Donà goes into the penalty area, M. Mazzacane does not hold back and goes to keep his comrades, taking a 4-minute penalty kick. To close the circle, T. Virtala also ends up on the bench. This scenario is the good one for Varese who scores the second goal with Sheena in a 3v3. At the end of the half the yellow and black have a new powerplay for a few seconds, but Andergassen responds very well by closing every gap.

At the start of the second half, Caldaro found a new double lead thanks to Marco Virtala with a deadly comeback, then Jonas Oberrauch was stopped by Perla who avoided 5-2. However, as the minutes passed, the yellow and black regained their strength and raised their center of gravity, putting under great pressure the form of Alex Andergassen able to save chances in the series, with Franchini and Berroso very dangerous but left dry. Wasted power play on each side does not change the score before the break, so in the opening of the third period Mastiffs play great and win back. First Franchini from the hole and then a shot from Droyle (on a 5-for-3) make it 4-4 at 43’43. Enthusiastic about the result, Gallonieri pushes again looking for the first advantage of the evening but crashes into Andergasen. Once again, however, the face of the game changed, and as the 60th minute approached, it was Caldaro who took possession of the rink and the puck. Perla had to perform miracles in the series by stopping many chances for Pikes, tenacious to the end and able to strike decisively with 88 seconds left: outnumbered, Varese capitulated to Simon Vinnatzer’s shot. Erschbamer finds the empty net target 6 to 4 which closes the accounts 27 seconds after the siren for the last 6 to 4.

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And on Tuesday night, the series will come back to life even more, with residents calling for the Yellow and Black residents to rally to propel the Mastiffs to victory.


SV Kaltern Caldaro:1 A. Andergassen (50 Morandell), 4 Massar, 15 Gruber, 17 Volcan, 18 Uffelmann, 26 Valentini, 27 MJ Virtala, 66 Obexer, 28 S. Vinatzer, 6 De Donà, 9 A Oberrauch, 12 J. Oberrauch, 14 Andergasen, 21 R. Felder, 29 Fink, 33 Erschbammer, 37 Capuccio, 41 TS Fertala, 59 A. Ventzer, 67d. Finnazer, 91M Feldreer. Coach: Jan Prochazka

HCMV VARESE HOCKEY: 2 Perla (90 Mordente), 3 Chinna, 7 Desutilis, 19 Alifato, 22 E Mazaccan, 37 Belloni, 69 Bertine, 71 Picinelli, 9 Dirolette, 12 Franchini, 13 Cordiano, 15 Tellaro, 16 Vanetti, 23 M Borghi, 27 M Mazzacane, 55 Piroso, 88 Privitera, 97 Odoni. Coach: Claude Davies.

SV Caltern Caldaro – HCMV VARESE HOCKEY 6-4 (3: 2 1: 0 2: 2)


5’08” (SVK) J. Oberrauch (T. Virtala, M. Virtala) PP1, 7’20” (SVK) De Donà (T. Virtala), 9’47” (HCMV) M. Borghi (Desautels, Drolet ) PP2, 11’25” (SVK) M. Felderer, 17’56” (HCMV) Schina, 20’54” (SVK) M. Virtala (T. Virtala, M. Felderer), 40’43” (HCMV) Franchini (Drolet), 43’43” (HCMV) Drolet (Desautels) PP2, 58’32” (SVK) S. it)

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