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Naples, ten years later, the investigation of the stake in Città della Scienza begins again: the truth of the penitent

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Ten years later, the case has not been closed. on the contrary. There is a path to be hit, there are checks to be put on the table, and a path to be followed. But above all: there is an income report in the history of an operation that has not yet been permanently closed. We are talking about the report of Benito, formerly the boss of the Camorra, on one of the most dangerous and mysterious episodes of recent years: a fire Science City The event, which just a few days ago celebrated its tenth anniversary.

It was March 3, 2013, when one of the contemporary gems, a museum dedicated to science, education, and technology, was destroyed by fire. Since then, a trial has ensued, resulting in a guilty verdict that has not yet become final: last July, the judges of the Fifth Division of the Court of Appeal of Naples (President ruvid, on the sides Gaudino and Diani) imprisonment for five years and four months Paul Camarota The guard who was on duty that night. The arson charge was dropped from him (because the statute of limitations had expired), while the conviction for intentional breakdown remained standing. Judgment not yet final, in light of possible appeal of Camarota’s cassation (defended by counsel Luke Capasso), who – for his part – always claimed to be a complete stranger to accusations.

And it was precisely while awaiting the final stages of the sentinel’s trial that the Naples prosecutor made a possible step forward in reconstructing what happened ten years ago on Curoleo’s side. It was the role of the prosecutor in Anticamora Ida Teresy Questioning Felice d’Ausilio, son of Domenico, the historical boss of Bagnoli. A potential tipping point is expected last November, which turned out to be living material, prepared for close inspections. At work, the judge who conducted investigations in the Città della Scienza from the first rows (together with his colleague Michael Del Brettoday in DNA), who long ago hit all possible strings related to the raid that bombed the Museum of the Sea.

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Top secret investigation, let’s try to think in light of a series of objective elements. Obviously, we start from the charge disputed against the guard Camarota: he would have acted in competition with unknown persons, according to the charges. Translator: He didn’t do everything himself. on the contrary. He was the only one there that night, who knew the security codes that would disable the audible alarm; Then he would have preferred access to the alleged accomplices. Then the flames. how? five triggers, With timely and detail planned work. Systematic destruction on the table, which continues to see law enforcers go unpunished, who – over the years – have remained safe from investigations, convinced that they have won today. But now there is the story of Felice d’Ausilio, at that period attentive to what was happening in the area ruled (under criminal file) by the family clan. It’s hard to imagine, at least from a logical standpoint, that the Camorra knew nothing of what happened on March 3, 2013. Timing, methods of execution, and use of incendiary substances are aspects to be explored thanks to Phyllis D’Ausilio.

But let’s stay with the hypotheses discussed in these hours, starting with the motive: a person with an interest in revitalizing a structure in trouble from an economic point of view would have been devoured by fire, thanks Insurance premium secured by a document signed a few years ago. He asks for the truth and justice Fondazione Idis, assisted by the criminal lawyer Joseph DeAngelis, civil party. A plan that would have seen active subjects on several levels: from some of the internal staff to senior management, through to the Camorra pre-approval, which the president’s son’s story could influence today.

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