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You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up everything you have.

The phrase sends social media into a frenzy

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Doha (Qatar) – If commentators have monopolized the narrative of the World Cup, the ‘stars’ in modern football are technical commentators, former players or coaches, who are occasionally praised and criticized by football fans. Go to the virtual ‘Sports Bar’ show that represents social networks in Italy by Roy.

‘Plenty’ for Canada

And if the netizens Lele was separated by Adani’s scream In case of objective Messi In a winning matchArgentina vs Mexico (supporting former defender Stefano Pizzotto), he instead scored a huge hit Andrea StramacianMe for the way he liked to ‘push’ Canada (Heavily penalized by the referee in his debut match against Belgium) at the start of the match against CroatiaHe comments alongside Dario Di Gennaro. “Come on Canada” he said at the beginning of the comment Former coach of Inter and UdineseRoman by birth, remember “Canada’s sympathy for our country”. A sympathy that didn’t stop Stramaccioni from criticizing some of the attitudes of Canadian soccer players, however: “I wonder if they have properties down to their tongues”.

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