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NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti and 3090 Ti available at official UK price, is the market normal? –

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NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti And the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti I Available in the UK Al official priceThat’s 1,049 pounds and 1,879 pounds, respectively: According to Digital Foundry, that’s a possible sign of market normalization.

As you surely know, the semiconductor crisis has led to great difficulties in purchasing essential components for the production of electronic devices, video cards Included, which led to a decrease in availability and a sharp price hike.

So far, practically the only people who have been able to buy an RTX 30 Series GPU at the official price suggested by NVIDIA are those who pre-ordered it before the launch, now some time ago, when no one imagined what would happen to the market.

From our side, we can confirm that they have been peeking for several days now Amazon And at other retailers, Italian and European, a new stock of video cards is already at reasonable prices, although they are still slightly higher than the original numbers.

With any luck, hoping the recent Omicron disease outbreak in China will not have an impact on production and distribution lines, the crisis may finally have loosened its grip and the situation may return to normal within the next few months. .

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