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“Aggressive” maneuvers of the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean: ships are also close to the Italian coast

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“Awesome increase” in Russian fleet In the Mediterranean sea. These words were used in his address to the chambers by the Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Enrico Credendinoto describe Military exercises underway in the waters off the Italian coast by warships of the The Kremlin. The claims found confirmation in the antiquities presented by the site Italmil Radar.

Nothing to worry about particularly, at least for the time being, according to the Italian Armed Forces who continue to monitor the movements of the Moscow fleet composed, in this case, of about ten units. What might cause problems though “aggressive” attitude Of the Russian boats that can also cause in the future accidents.

Itamil Radar reports the presence of the tanker Academician Pashin and frigate Admiral Kasatonov who are currently browsing files Sicily channel After he left the port of Syria the Bull. The most likely hypothesis is that the two ships are sailing towards Strait of Gibraltar Then back Russia. The tanker could soon replace Pashin and Katatonov Kama It is the frigate Admiral Gorshkov Which will soon enter the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal. So the Russian fleet in the basin will not decrease.

A few days ago, another oil tanker, the Cola, entered the Mediterranean Sea from Gibraltar. The ship is now in Ionian Sea south Corfu And he heads north. can enter AdriaticWhere the group is located combat strikes American aircraft carrier George Bush. Movements that are currently within the realm of provocations between the powers, but must be carefully monitored to prevent them from causing incidents that would increase the risk of a clash in the Mediterranean.

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