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Football equal to San Teodoro Porto Rotondo speaks Marini: “We enjoy it”

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Marini speaks from San Teodoro Porto Rotondo.

a 3 to 3 inlast breath Saturday between Gilarza and San Teodoro Porto Rotondo. An absolutely stunning game that saw Gallura players go first from 2 to 0 and then on to 3 to 1, finally joining the revival by Gilarza who did everything to deserve the lot. “Very nice matchSo amazing – comments viola coach Simon Marini -. We started strong and took the lead. Although one backlash Del Guilarza already after our first goal, we managed to go up 2 to 0. Unfortunately, we conceded their goal 1 to 2 and they reopened the game almost at the end of the first half, andinfection to Farrocchio Which forced us to make a change. In the second half we got off to a good start again, were able to lead 3-1 at the start of the second half, then Gilarza was able to come back together, and they also had the opportunity to score a missed penalty. we have I tried to hold outMaybe we Go down quite a bitFinally, Ghilarza manages to take over fee“.

the Bodoni wins and leaves to 14 points Far from third place in the ranking San Teodoro Porto Rotondo And Aussies, at 41 points. Therefore, the playoffs are a bit far away, and if the third place in the standings is not less than 7 points away from a second, it will not be played: “In my opinion, Good drawSo It is not an opportunity not to be missed – Simone Marini’s comments – Because in any case Ghilarza are an excellent team coming from a positive run that left very few points at home. Sure, sorry when you get caught. But Honestly, a draw was the right result. I am also glad that a Gilarza As in some other boxes like bossa And bonesWe haven’t collected points in the past.”

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the MonastirGalore’s next opponent, won againstIglesias Back to the Race for Redemption: “Next Saturday a Very difficult match with Monastir Who must be saved and who must fight for salvation – says Marini. We will have some absences, it will be a really tough game because Monastir is a team that might have pulled together something less Compared to what they deserve, the team is proactive and so it will definitely be a very tough game for us. right Now We will continue to play Sunday after Sunday without thinking too much What do others do. this year We can afford this luxurylet’s say so We enjoy it“.

the match.

A very intense match, from the first minutes, with constant setbacks at the front, 6 goalsAnd Gilarza managed to complete the comeback before the final whistle. bit Very strong San Teodoro Porto Rotondo with a beautiful view Simon Piedmont at 3 o’clock. Guilarza reacted, looking aggressively for an equalizer, but San Teodoro-Porto Rotondo held out and doubled with Ruzzittu In the 15th minute with a penalty kick. Viola seemed able to close out the first half Double benefitBut the home side’s goal in the 45th minute with Ranches Reopen the game.

The second half starts again with Galioris attacking, and the goal is up Simon BeamEven 15 minutes in, a beautiful goal would have closed the match on other occasions. But Gilarza is competing for third place in the standings with Viola, they want to get to the top Qualifying areaAnd don’t give up. At 23′ from 2 to 3 from itziand also misses a penalty kick, but in extra time Caduceus The equation accounts for a comeback that neither team needs for the purposes of any playoffs, given Budoni’s win.

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Gilarza: Mereu, Laconi, Chessa, Aru, Chergia, Melis, Atzei, Corda, Ranchez, Vinci and Caddeo. On the seat: Matzuzzi, Zabino, Trugo, Oro, Coso, Forticoso, Obo, Mele and Oro. Coach: Serena.
San Teodoro – Porto Rotondo: Meles, Frescata, Delogo, Saggia, Muzzo, Farrocchio, Casola, Sayo, Piedmont, Molino, Roseto. On the seat: Deiana, Spano, Malesa, Pala, Fideli, Bassu, Marongiu, Mourot, Pisciottu. Coach: Navy.
networks: 3′ Piemonte (S), 15 rig.Ruzzittu (S), 45′ Rancez (G), 15’2t Piemonte (S), 35’2t Atzei (G), 46’2t Caddeo (S).
aspirations: Chiesa (G), Ceggia (G), Ranchez (G), Cossu (G), Frisciata (S), Varrucciu (S), Piedmont (S), Molino (S).

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