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New problems with efficiency and security. The question was asked to Speranza – Il Tempo

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A document filed with Sec, the US market regulator equivalent to Italy’s Consob, by BioNTech, the company that produces Pfizer’s anti-Covid vaccine, has set off a storm. The manufacturer is working on an updated version of the serum that also includes the latest variants of the virus, but another aspect of what the Securities and Exchange Commission said has been surprising to many has to do with the vaccine currently in use.

“We may not be able to demonstrate the efficacy or safety of our caffeinated vaccine to obtain permanent regulatory approval in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, or other countries in which the vaccine has been approved,” BioNTech says, according to Avartaliani. In other words, a drug that has been approved on an emergency basis and given to a large number of people around the world may not have what it takes to obtain final approval. BioNTech, which also dealt with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on contracting side effects and COVID vaccination coverage, said.

“In an official report, Biontech admits that the efficacy and safety of vaccines cannot be demonstrated,” attacked Misto Group Senator Bianca Laura Granato who submitted a parliamentary question to Health Minister Roberto Speranza after the German company published his annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission American. “We tried in every way – says Granato – to make Italian citizens understand what the government was doing, and those who actually understood and refused to submit to the assumptions paid and paid for suspensions and exclusion from civil society. The facts are that they have long acknowledged and defended in order to protect human dignity. They have We were treated like guinea pigs.”

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