Home entertainment The plot, the starting date of the trivia and the trailer

The plot, the starting date of the trivia and the trailer

The plot, the starting date of the trivia and the trailer

Paymax! It is the new Disney+ animated TV series that is a sequel to the story told in the classic Big Hero 6. Here’s the first trailer and release date.

Thanks to the broadcast platform Disney +world of the world Disney It has expanded with new shows and specials dedicated to the characters we love so much and who have accompanied us since childhood.

Paymax!  The new spin-off of Big Hero 6
Baymax – fantasynow.it

Paymax! The new Disney + series

In fact, on the platform there are many newly created shows featuring characters from feature-length animated films who are receiving their own TV series or a new movie. This is the case of classic animation Big Hero 6 who will soon have a sequel thanks to an animated series dedicated to BaymaxOne of the protagonists of the movie.

Big Hero 6 It is the classic 54th version Disney And the first to rely on the franchisor of the same name marvel After the acquisition of The Walt Disney Company Comic book publishing house.

The feature film was a huge hit with both audiences and critics due to the topics covered including death and friendship as well as featuring satirical moments in the film.

Paymax!  The new spin-off of Big Hero 6
Baymax and Hero – fantasynow.it

Among the awards he received Big Hero 6 there is theOscar How Best Animated Movie Thanks to the success in 2017, the animated series was released in traditional animation Big Hero 6 – Series It consists of 60 episodes divided into three seasons hero Wrestle with the life of a collage and the life of a superhero.

In December 2020, a starring CGI series was also announced Baymaxa robot nurse created by Tadashi And after a long wait, the first trailer and release date have finally been released.

Paymax! will appear for the first time Disney + Next June 29th, the conspiracy will witness the robot struggling with some of its citizens San Francisco To whom Baymax He will offer his help. This way, in each episode we will meet a new character who will be laughing as they are moved.

Big Hero 6 Series Trailer

Among the novelties, there are also new possibilities for the robot to travel quickly through the city streets in search of patients for help and thanks to this new element, viewers will be able to explore the city in which the events take place Big Hero 6.

We will also find all the other characters from the animated feature film and Paymax! It will be his first series Walt Disney Animation Studios.

We just have to wait a little more than a month to enjoy the summer with the hilarious adventures of the best and cutest health workers.


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