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In the European Union the Sovereigns rejoice, the silence of Brussels – Politics

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They rejoice in Hungary, Poland, Sweden and in France, Marine Le Pen. Silence reigns in Brussels. Thus Europe welcomes the victory of the center-right Giorgia Meloni and prepares for Italy which, from the point of view of its political position, risks placing itself on the opposite end of Mario Draghi. With all the ramifications of the case on the major negotiations that lie ahead between now and December, starting with those on the third tranche of the NRP funds.

In the Italian fraternity Eurochamber, he sits with conservatives and reformists alongside the Poles, the government, and the Swedish Democrats, who have just gathered a loophole in the last election. On the other hand, the association with supporters of the National Rally Party. And the Jordan Bardella, MEP and “Big” from Marine Le Pen’s concertHe was among the first to rejoice. “The Italians gave a lesson in humility to the European Union which, in the voice of Mrs. von der Leyen, claimed to force a vote on them. No threat of any kind can stop democracy: European peoples raise their heads and assume their destiny!” he wrote in a tweet. Referring to the words of the Commission chief from New York, when she made clear on Thursday that if things in Italy “go into a difficult situation, the EU has the tools” to respond. Tools already used with Poland and Hungary.

Behind the veil of silence with which pro-European parties and EU institutions witness the victory of the centre-right, there is in fact above all fear: that Italy will unite with Hungary and Poland on a series of key issues, starting with those linked to the rule of law.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s rejoicing (“Congratulations Giorgia Meloni!”) and Tweet Palazz Orbán, political advisor to Hungarian Viktor Orbán, I wish exactly this: “Congratulations to Georgia Meloni, Matteo Salvini, Silvio Berlusconi for today’s elections! In these difficult times, more than ever, we need friends who share a common vision and approach to Europe’s challenges.” As Spain’s Vox far-right applauds: “Tonight millions of Europeans are pinning their hopes on Italy. Georgia Meloni has shown the way to a proud, free and sovereign Europe,” tweeted leader Santiago Abascal.

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But there is another red line on which Brussels will not admit deviations: support for Ukraine, about which Meloni has already given great reassurance. The FdI leader, in July, had a stop at Eurocamera, reaffirming her full alliance with the positions of the West. Moreover, in Strasbourg, Ecr is the majority supporting Roberta Mezzola while around the Id group in which the League sits, the majority of the European Parliament has for some time raised a kind of “healthy cordon”, as advocates of sovereignty call it. But the outcome of the Italian vote could change the balance in Strasbourg as well. EPP, for example, has not made any comments. His support for Forza Italia has been consistent and unwavering, while also focusing on the pro-European and Atlantic guarantees that Antonio Tajani’s party has made for years in the EU. But already in recent days, fear has been growing in the EPP about the weight Islamic financial institutions will have within the coalition.

Vox rejoices: ‘Melone shows the way to a free Europe’
“Last night, millions of Europeans pinned their hopes on Italy. Giorgia Meloni showed the way to a proud and free Europe of sovereign nations, able to cooperate for the safety and prosperity of all,” wrote Santiago Abascal, the leader of Spain’s Vox party, on Twitter. Ceremony.

Alternative: “With friends Meloni and Salvini, the powerful right in Italy”
“Let’s cheer for Italy! Congratulations to the entire center-right coalition. Together with friends Matteo Salvini and Georgia Meloni, you can build a strong right-wing government. Sweden in the north and Italy in the south: left-wing governments are those yesterday.” Beatrix von Storch, Deputy Leader of the European Parliament and the French Development Agency, wrote in a tweet

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Zemmour, Meloni proves that getting to power is possible
“From Sweden to Italy, in recent weeks we have witnessed the second victorious right-wing coalition in Europe which is the question of identity in concrete terms. I extend all my congratulations to Mrs. Meloni and express my happiness to the Italian people. The free people who refuse to die.” Eric Zemmour, leader of the French nationalist party Reconquete writes in a note. He adds: “How can we not see this victory as evidence that yes, power can be reached?”

Sinistra Albee, “Terrible, the neo-fascists at the door”
The “terrible” neo-fascism is on our doorstep with Meloni’s victory in Italy. The rush of reactionary, xenophobic and authoritarian poison has been confirmed everywhere in Europe. The caveat is serious: We need to build a left-wing alternative as a cure.” Manon Aubry, co-chair of the Left Group at Eurochamber, wrote in a tweet.

Moody’s: Big challenges for the new Italian government
“The next Italian government will have to face a number of significant credit challenges, firstly implementing the NRP program, managing issues related to energy supply and energy prices, as well as managing debt burdens subject to negative growth, financing costs and inflation developments.” This is rating agency Moody’s comment on what awaits the new government in Italy, following the first polls on polls in today’s vote.

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