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Borsa Italiana, commenting on the 8 November 2022 session

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Bad day for BPER Banca and Popolare di Sondrio, after the publication of the quarterly magazine. CNH Industrial Leap. Take advantage of Telecom Italia

The main indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets Partial progress log.

at 15.20 FTSEMib It recorded a partial rise of 0.6% to 23,635 points, just below the intraday high of 23,659 points. At the same time FTSE Italia all participated He got 0.52%. opposite direction to FTSE Italia medium hat (-0.26%) for The star of FTSE Italia (+0.69%).

The Bitcoin It dropped to $19,500.

The BTP-Bund spread Shrinking to 210 points, with a ten-year BTP yield of 4.45%.

L ‘euro It remains on par with the dollar.

Definitely a bad day for Paper Bank (-7.95% to 1,887 euros). Inform the institute Financial results for the first nine months of 2022, a period characterized by a general improvement in the main income statement items and credit quality. BPER Banca’s management stated that the bank’s profitability will continue to be supported by increased revenue that will continue to benefit both from higher interest rates, good net commission stability and from measures aimed at offsetting the inflationary impact on costs. .

. worse performance Popular Sondrio (-9.26% to 3.47 euros)after spreading Quarterly results. The management of Popolare di Sondrio aims not only to consolidate, but also to improve the results achieved so far with the expected return on equity target by the end of the year in the region of 7%.

He exploited Telecom Italia TIMAfter the sharp rise in the previous session. Phone company address Suspended due to increased discountAfter recording a theoretical decrease of 6.8%.

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CNH Industrial Accelerates upwards (+6.18% to €14,165)after spreading Financial results for the first nine months of 2022, a period that ended with a sharp improvement in revenue and profitability. In addition, management has reviewed certain financial indicators for the year 2022 related to industrial activities.

In MidCap, focus on we build (+ 1.38% up to 1.47 €). The company announced that it has reached an agreement, subject to terms, to purchase the entire share capital of Australian Clough.

Definitely positive seating Intercos (+8.65% up to €10.68)After the quarterly results are published.

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