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It is better not to throw away the old

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The semiconductor crisis also affects the health card. There are no chips on the new cards. But the state thought of an alternative.

The adage about the dangers to “those who have left the old way” can be considered true. But the parallel saying is also true, which is that “he who ventures does not win.”

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In practice, it is sometimes necessary to take advantage of doubt to take new paths. Since then they have not been very prolific. However, in recent years we have come to experiment with technologies that They definitely go above and beyond From simple jobs. For example, a Polish company has experimented with a first chip that is inserted under the skin and linked to a bank account, to make payments simply by placing the wrist on a contactless device. Science fiction stuff until recently. And viewed with legitimate trepidation, the idea of ​​having a smart device in your hand, whether you like it or not, is an exaggeration.

Also because cards, after all, are accepted. Contactless payment also but only through physical means and above all, outside our scope. In fact, there are enough microchips. It’s all part of a somewhat heated debateIt is placed in devices such as smartphones, computers and other widely used gadgets. Recently, these tools have been the protagonists of the most heated debate, fueled by the crisis of the epidemiological emergency, which has led to increased costs and, consequently, to a shortage of these products. Speaking of magnetic cards a specific case related to the health card. As of June 1, the state has started redirecting the new, but that’s not the news.

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New health card, watch out for deadlines (and not just those)

There is a peculiarity of the new health card: it does not contain an electronic chip that is useful for accessing the digital services of the public administration. Basically, the new card will not be able to perform some of those functions that characterized the gadget in this case. A big problem. Cards with imminent expiration will be better to keep longer, Especially if the termination of the tool is scheduled for 2023. The inability of the new cards is not related to errors, but as a result of the difficulty of searching This ingredient. A little, it is clear, in a small way, what is happening in the automotive sector, often regresses due to the lack of these devices. In any case, the state tried not to be unprepared and ordered some kind of legislation to protect the citizens.

Which brings us back to what was just said, which is the necessity to keep the old health card. which will remain in effect even if it has expired. A temporary solution, of course, while waiting for the emergency to occur in manageable lines. old cards It can still be used until 2023, For all intents and purposes as a national service card. Anyone who will get a health card without the typical golden square (microchip) will not have to think about mistakes but will face the reversal of the crisis in the semiconductor sector. Which, until recently, could not decisively enter into people’s everyday lives.

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