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Impasse Portenone Design Week 2023

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Portenone Design Week
Opening with the Lectio Magistralis by Lorenzo Impasi
President of Cumulus, the most important international association of universities and design schools
Monday 13 March 2023

Architect, professor and director of the interdisciplinary Sapienza Design Research Center, Lorenzo Imbesi is the Italian president of the most important international association of design universities Cumulus and will be the protagonist on the opening day on Monday 13 March. Portinone Design Week 2023 During that time he would conduct the lexio magistralis.

Portenone Design Week This year reaches its 12th edition and brings design and critical thinking to the city center for a week, organized by Portenone University Consortium, ISIA Roma Design Headquarters in Portenone, Confindustria Alto Adriatico and Portenone Design Culture. Association.
The initiative is carried out with the support of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Bcc Pordenonese and the Monsile and Friuli Foundation, the Municipality of Pordenone and the Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone and Udine and with the support of the partners Adi Fvg. , Polo Technologico Alto Adriatico Andrea Galvani, Comet (metalworking cluster of Friuli Venezia Giulia).

Workshops will begin on Monday 13th at 9am with 220 students, 6 institutions and 20 teachers participating.

The opening is scheduled at 10.30 in Room S1, Via Presco, the headquarters of the University Federation: Tiziana Gibelli Councilor for Culture and Sports of the Fvg Region, Alessandro Siriani Mayor of Portignone, Michelangelo President of Aldofinico of Agristeria, Paolo Condotti, President of the University Federation, Giuseppe Morandini, President of the Friuli Foundation, Iscia Roma Design Directed by Tommaso Salvatori. Moderated by Giuseppe Marinelli, Scientific Director of Portenone Design Week.

So planned Lectio magistralis (at 10.30) Professor Lorenzo Impesi, President of the Cumulus Association, will hold a conference. Design and Internationalization: Peace, Culture, Innovation.

Cumulus is the most prestigious international association of universities and schools of art, design and media. For the next three years, starting last June, the presidency was given to Lorenzo Impesi, a professor at the Faculty of Architecture.

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An international association formed to provide training and research in design. Founded in 1990, Cumulus is the only global association in the service of design education and research, bringing together more than 350 universities and schools in 63 countries as a platform to promote the collaboration and mobility of students and teachers in the Erasmus program of the European Union. .

Its mission is to promote academic cooperation and collaboration with businesses, public institutions and governments in the field of art and design. Over the years, Cumulus has always been a supporter of the strategic role of design in tackling humanity’s global challenges, such as the signing of the Kyoto Design Declaration in 2008 and UNESCO’s recognition testifying to the broad scope of its work.

Lorenzo Impace He has had a distinguished academic career.

He is full professor and director of the Interdisciplinary Sapienza Design Research Center at Sapienza University of Rome. He is the fifth president in the history of the association. A former Associate Professor and Chair of the MDes Master of Design at Carleton University (Canada) since 2009, he has been an ICCS Fellow – Visiting Professor at Government of Canada and several universities for many years. He is currently an elected member of the SID Board of the Scientific Society of Design and President of the Cumulus Association, after being a member of the Executive Board of the EAD European Academy of Design for two terms and since 2011.

Author of volumes and numerous articles in scientific journals in the field, he is editor of the Journal of Design Principles and Practices, member of the Editorial Board of “The Design Journal” (Bloomsbury Publishing, London) and formerly a member of the Executive Committee of DIID Industry. design.

At the end of the Lectio Magistralis, there will be a talk/testimony by Carla Coppari, a designer who graduated from Issia Rome and founder of the handmade leather bags and accessories brand Majo.

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For more information, complete program and updates

Portenone Design Week
Portenone Design Week

Opening with the Lectio Magistralis of Lorenzo Impasi, Portinone Design Week 2023

  • 13 March 2023 at 10.30
  • University Consortium of Portignon
    Via Prasecco 3/A, 33170 Portinone

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