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TORONTO\aise\ – “In International Women’s Rights Day I am proud to be a part of such a great event organized by you CIBPA (Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association) is entitled “Women in Leadership” to celebrate the achievements of Italian-Canadian women who excel in their respective professional fields: from the arts to the world of business. However, we should not turn off the attention of all the other women who are unfortunately not lucky enough to live in a country like Canada. I think of the countless women who are denied the most basic rights and lose their lives trying to give themselves and their children a better future. I’m talking about the terrible tragedy that happened on the beach two weeks ago Kutrow’s picket fence, in Calabria. On this day, my thoughts go out to these women above all else,” the Democratic senator said in a statement. Francis LamarcaIn the Overseas Constituency, he was elected in the North and Central America Division.
To the winner of the “Woman of the Year” award, namely the Director of Public Relations of “Leuna” trade union, Ms. Victoria Mancinelli – Continues La Marca – Her professional and personal successes are a source of inspiration to continue working towards the goal of full gender equality”.
The event was held to promote, recognize and reward Italian-Canadian women’s leadership in the community. Among the approximately 500 people in attendance were various officials, including the Consul General in Toronto. Luca Gelioli.
“It was definitely a great pleasure to meet so many women who bring value to our society and so many real-life stories as a result,” concludes La Marca. “I think it’s always right to remember these girls so that they can be a beacon for our future generations, thanks to these examples and these events, they can grow up and be whoever they want to be. Reach their full potential without facing gender-based barriers. (ice)

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