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“I’m in the center right but Di Maio will have a place for us” –

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From Giuseppe Alberto Falci

I am different from him and Sala, but if Di Maio comes to us he will understand that the only area with political access

What is the future of the downtown area?

I can not give you an answer. I am a city mayor from the center right and Corraggio Italy has the ambition to stay in this region.

Disclosed Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of Venice, and indeed the leader of the Coraggio Italia. The topic is not the Palazzo process, the summation of acronyms or the recruitment of political staff. The real point – he explains – is to go to districts, give answers to citizens about bills, expensive energy…. in an hour when Luigi Di Maio meets Milan Mayor Beppe Sala To lay the foundations for a new centrist pole looking at mayors, the question to the mayor of Serenessima is a must.

Mayor, have you been called too?
I repeat, I am a center-right civilian mayor. Let me make a joke. The meeting between Di Maio and Sala was so private that I saw the pictures face to face in your newspaper. I would also like to add that Sala has a beautiful home. And aside from the jokes, I have nothing to do with them.

He praised the foreign minister for the defection.

I repeat it because Di Maio admitted he was wrong. It was an act of bravery. Here I am talking about merit and quality.

What is the health of the center right?

People do not want to know the differences and personalities. I have made mistakes in the past, and I am also considering the selection of candidates for the last administrative offices. Now to turn the page and think about the future of our children.

TheYour political project, then, is to strengthen the center-right center?
exactly. The larger this area, the stronger the center right.

Are you advocating moderate leadership and not Giorgia Meloni’s leadership?
I alone am not moderate. Tomorrow’s center-right head I think of a worthy and ready person. Moderate means nothing. I define myself as a pragmatist. Does anyone know how to oppose the center-left voices?

Many of the votes of the left, the votes of the suburbs, were already earned by Meloni.

I don’t know, I just know people are tired: Berlusconi voted first, then Renzi, then Grillo again.

Will Kalinda and Renzi be part of your project?
Carlo said no. Next, we welcome everyone to the right midsection.

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