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Why isn’t Brad Pitt proud of his role as Achilles in the blockbuster Troy?

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Although it is certainly part of his list of most famous films, Brad Pitt is not a fan of his portrayal of Achilles and TroyWolfgang Petersen, a Homer-inspired epic film about the fall of Troy.

In an interview with the New York Times, in fact, The actor admitted that the film was “forced upon” by the studioat a time when his career was following a path more closely related to composition films:Troy was a turning point in my career, because I was disappointed. I couldn’t understand what I was doing on that set, I couldn’t get out of the middle of the picture. It was driving me crazy. I’ve been spoiled for work with David Fincher. It’s not an accusation against Wolfgang Petersen, he’s a great author and Das Boot is one of the greatest movies ever made. But at some point, Troy became a very commercial thing. Each scene was emphasized to repeat: “Here’s the hero!” There was no mystery. I have since decided that I will only invest in “high quality stories”For lack of a better term. It was a clear change that marked the next decade of my career. “

After “Troy”, Brad Pitt appeared in some commercial projects (Mr. and Mrs. Smithat recent days the lost City) but it always tends to do more specific projects like BabylonAnd the Jesse James was murdered by the cowardly Robert Ford by Andrew DominicAnd the Tree of Life, Moneyball And the Big betWhich is the path that eventually led to him Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino And an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

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Troy really made me think about what I want to do with my career. I had to accept the role of Achilles by force Because – I think I can say it now that many years have passed – I’ve already said no to a movie from the studio, and so I had to take the part they wanted to give me. It wasn’t painful and I don’t regret itbut I realized that the way the movie was said was not what I wanted. “

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