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Govt for children, vaccine. Canadian-approved Pfizer immunization in Israel begins Tuesday

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Not yet approved in Europe – even though some children have already been vaccinated in Vienna – but immunizations for young people could begin as soon as possible in Canada. The Health Commission has actually approved the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine against Kovit-19 for children between the ages of 5 and 11 years. As United States, Which started on November 3 and has already vaccinated one million people under the age of 12And only one-third of the sizes Administered to adolescents and adults. The government agency claimed ownership of the vaccine It is 90.7% effective in preventing Govt-19 disease in children And no serious side effects were found. “After a thorough and independent scientific study, the department has determined that the benefits of this vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11 outweigh the risks,” he said. Health Canada In a note.

Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett, on the other hand, announced that Israel would start vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11 from next Tuesday – a week later than expected – on the doses of the Pfizer vaccine paid for. Age group. “I know there’s a certain sensitivity in this matter.Plot stories. My answer to these concerns: full transparency“.

In yesterday Italy Rome Spallanzani expressed himself in this matter. “The evaluation of common immunization programs in the healthy child population under 12 years of age should take into account a number of factors,” In terms of advantages and risks, personal nature (Risk of disease-risk of adverse reaction) and population (contribution to cycle control of infection, vaccine protection and protection in the most vulnerable subjects). In particular, there is a clear need for additional data on the long – term effects of SARS-Cow-1 infection on this population. Today’s meeting was attended by Francesco Via, Andrea Antinori, Enrico Girardi, Fabrizio Palmieri, Gianfro D’Office, Fabrizio Taclito. Is expected.

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The France No decision can be made about vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 12 years Before February 2022. Gabriel Attal, a government spokesman who was a guest on LCI Television, said: “The European Health Organization (WHO) should publish its views on the vaccine for children by the end of the year. Then, the French authority would give it to us. This will not be before the start of 2022. This is not an easy issue. It is natural for health officials to need time off. Corona virus vaccines can be started for children under the age of twelve Germany – More than a fourth wave of infections – before Christmas. Approval of the biotech vaccine for children between the ages of five and eleven is expected in November, according to a Federal Ministry of Health document cited by The Pioneer Portal. “The vaccine for children is expected to be available in Germany for the first time from 20 December 2021,” the document said.

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