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Women's Futsal Championship, in support of the fight against cancer

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A women's football tournament in support of the Italian Cancer League. The collaboration between Rubiera and the Lilt of Reggio is growing: today, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, the municipality and the Rubierese Sports Federation have decided to participate by organizing a women's five-a-side football tournament in PalaBursi the proceeds of which will be donated to the Reggio Emilia Association. Entrance will be free with the possibility of making a free presentation directly to Lilt which will be located in the building on Viale Aldo Moro. Five teams will take to the field to exorcise the cancer: Nova Coppola, Team Drink Fiano, San Giorgio, Os Ruberizi and the special project team associated with Team Rubirizi that includes young people with disabilities. Active sports inclusion pathway in the region from 2022.

Today's program includes blowing the starting whistle at two o'clock in the afternoon, and at three-thirty in the afternoon, and in the middle of the tournament a friendly match will be held between the members of the special team as champions. The final challenge will start at 5.30pm and the awards ceremony will take place from 6pm. Refreshments and canapés will follow for all. For Rubiera Mayor Emanuele Cavallaro, it is “a great initiative: drawing public attention to this issue is fundamental for prevention and everyone's health. Doing this through sport is good for you twice. Thank you to the clubs and athletes.” Who decided to be this beautiful example.”

Ermanno Rondini (President of Lilt of Reggio) thanked the participating teams, sponsors and all the people who worked hard to ensure that this project could take shape. For Lilt, World Cancer Day, with the support of the World Health Organization, is also an important opportunity to invite people to participate Their daily commitment against oncological diseases. “Closing the care gap” is the theme of World Cancer Day, which highlights the possibility of reducing the global impact of cancer thanks to the ability to function as a system. Everyone can make choices that are important for their health and the health of others, adopt healthy lifestyles, and plan regular visits “But also support the Lilt Foundation in many of its projects to help it increasingly become the reference point for tumor prevention.” The Women's Futsal Championship represents a new phase in the intense cooperation that Reggio Emilia Lillet and the Municipality of Rubiera have been able to develop in recent years to raise awareness among the population on the subject of cancer prevention, including a wide network of associations and other institutional themes.

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Since May 2021, several activities related to the project “Let's Love Each Other” have been started, which was also implemented thanks to the support of Uisp of Reggio, Ausl, Auser and Acer. To promote healthy lifestyles based on people's well-being, the project implemented multidisciplinary initiatives implemented with the support of the network of participating Rubirizi associations.


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