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If you find a description of Spy Finance / Super Bonus War Canada

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Waiting today to see if Vladimir Putin really wants to overthrow the centuries-old military strategy and launch an invasion style As needed, Canada has proven to be a confusing social laboratory. In fact the situation in Ukraine is an hour after Big Brother but takes the definition of the version Channel 5, Maple Leaf State honors the memory of George Orwell. The prime ministers of the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Saskatchewan have already officially taken a stand against Justin Trudeau’s decision to crack down on the emergency law. Resistance Truck drivers, he defined Not quiet So a subject for a national emergency.

This is not the opinion of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, an organization certainly not accused of having a preconceived notion of prejudice against the Prime Minister because, when it imposed rainbow toilets on students for having uncertain and restless sex in schools, it first incensed him. Country. However, he now has something to say: “Emergency law can only be enforced in the presence or circumstance of a serious threat to the Government of Canada’s ability to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation. It can be managed objectively under the protection of ordinary Canadian law.” Even in the midst of the ISIS world military campaign, Canada did not come up with such a hypothesis. Apparently, trucks blocking bridges are considered more dangerous than the Islamic State. Despite that – without seeking special laws – the police have already removed the Ambassador Bridge and made dozens of stops and arrests.

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Then why was that move, even opposed by the premiers of the various provinces? In presenting his decision, Justin Trudeau would have strongly emphasized the non-military nature of this act. Can’t forgive. But it gets worse. Because, in the current era, the Prime Minister would have understood that seeking the power of badges is useless and negative. In fact, under the Emergency Act, anyone who donates money for the cause of the Freedom Round could face charges of financing terrorism. This was confirmed by Finance Minister Christiaan Freeland (name omen), according to which “the executive is already expanding and expanding the boundaries of the Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Act so that even the platforms can intervene immediately. Crowdfunding and payment service providers. , We want to follow the monetary strategy..

In this way, the special powers allow the government to suspend the assets and current accounts of citizens and associations on the basis of mere suspicion, without the need for a court order and without full exemption from the decisions taken. Finally, even a ban on financial activities on items that are considered endangered. Paradoxically, maintaining order on bridges and highways is more dangerous than armored vehicles on the street.

All this is happening in public peace. I do not know if this is clear to you: a G7 member state has not been able to cope with the truckers’ resistance to the vaccine pass, which, in fact, enforces an emergency law that has never been used before in the country’s history. All of this showed that the Ontario government had taken the opposite approach, revoking the vaccine permit with immediate effect, from the day of Justin Trudeau’s major action.

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Or in the middle of these maps will help you guess what will be behind that decision Federal Reserve Daily player Bad cop and good cop With interest rates, is the market going crazy?

Perhaps Justin Trudeau fears the early and glorious end of his political career, a 2.0 copy of Luis Zapatero’s parable and that he unjustly walked out of the rubble of the real estate bubble that forced the EU to set aside ில்ல 50 billion to save the Iberian banking system? Maybe Justin Trudeau is afraid of the consequences Sub Primary Thousands and thousands of Canadians have been forced to seize their homes after the real estate market went out of control for at least four years, as shown in the last three maps, which mark the end of the second quarter. Of 2018? When Justin Trudeau was already in power for three years.

When it comes to things in our home, there have been repeated calls by CTS and members of the government to continue the Green Pass regime, in spite of simultaneous improvements in health conditions, in favor of extension until the end of the year and the collapse of the economy, perhaps they are working Virological Ambassador Can’t bear the pain of some parallel agenda of withholding control over accounts and assets? The ruthless war was unleashed into Zulu, almost overnight Superphone For construction, perhaps it is associated with a barrier and a more sensible distance from the bomb ready to explode, which is a sensational phenomenon of noble art. Keep hands forward? Naked interview on Garbage building market Published by an economist like Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and someone very close to the Prime Minister, especially in light of his party leader’s bitter response What should he make us understand?

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Beware of Canadian spoilers. This is because no Prime Minister with full political power would use court-military powers to crush truckers’ convoyes. And lead by example. Or maybe yes, maybe they got to this point? On the other hand, there are deputy ministers who proudly announce on television that they want to make the lives of 5 million citizens / taxpayers harder. And they are still in place.


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