Home entertainment Vasco Rossi, the documentary relaunches Zocca: panoramic drone views and historical bibap

Vasco Rossi, the documentary relaunches Zocca: panoramic drone views and historical bibap

Vasco Rossi, the documentary relaunches Zocca: panoramic drone views and historical bibap

Zucca (Modena), October 8, 2023 – A few days after its release, it immediately rose in the Netflix TV series rankings in Italy. It’s a population eviction, not just a Zocca, the five-episode documentary series “Vasco – Il Survivsuto”Kom’s life story from childhood until SongsFrom family toThe friendship of two VRs, Valentino Rossi and Vasco Rossi Who love reckless life.

The drone-recorded images of the country are stunning.

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Vasco Tour 2024 new dates after sales boom for Milan and Bari
Otis Righetti, Vasco's friend: "Sadiq series".  Expected tourism boom in Zuka

Otis Righetti, Vasco’s friend: “An honest series.” Expected tourism boom in Zuka

“This documentary series will give more impetus to Pilgrimage of Zuka fans During this period of seasonal lull. Marco Manzini, BiBap Championsthe bar where Vasco, when on vacation in the “village”, meets with friends to play cards daily.

Blasco and Marco have always been friends. “Vasco started his career with us, in Antica Filmeria Roma, the cinema next to BiBap in Via Mauro Tissi,” Manzini recalls. “Inaugurated in 1957, it has a hundred seats, and from this year the winter programming of films begins.”, Always an artistic house, never interrupted. Through advertisements. In 1960, Vasco won a children’s singing competition here.”

As proof, Manzini shows us a star similar to the one on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, engraved on the floor, with the inscription: “Vasco Rossi, 1960, A Star is Born,” signed by the rocker. Hanging on the wall is a black and white photo of that event, which depicts a very elegant Vasco, wearing a dark jacket, a white handkerchief sticking out in a triangle shape from his pocket, and a small bow protruding from the collar of his white shirt. Behind him is Otello ‘Otis’ Righetti, another inseparable com. Marco recounts unpublished episodes of those friendships: “Vasco was looking for a collaborator and asked me if I would help him. I replied with a phrase that became famous: ‘Ask Vinny too, he doesn’t do anything.’” Then Vinnie became his manager, and they have a nice collaboration. Floriano Fini is the only one who did not change his mind in front of Vasco, and when he decides, things remain unchanged.”

Vinny is among the co-stars of the documentary series, along with “Otis” Righetti. They are part of a small group of friends who meet with Vasco at BiBap to play cards and skateboard with cardiologist Mascagni. “The documentary is very well made – commented Othello (pictured above right) – it is effective and, above all, honest, emotionally engaging. There are memories of youth, friendship, and the dynamics of different worlds that followed each other. We have grown up now, and we have another kind of “Investing time, we try to do the things we like best.” He talks about their twenties: “At that time there was no time to go around on a motorcycle and we probably did not even have the desire to explore very far. Now everything is clearer from a certain point of view and many things become clear.” It is easier, more possible, more experienced, more enjoyable, more demanding. Playing with what is around you creates emotions. Friendship is a path paved with emotions, as can also be seen in the documentary, “The waters of the Red Sea do not open. That friendship is already open, and we are walking on it.”

Zucca Mayor Federico Robpa promotes the documentary with flying colors: “It’s really beautiful. Vasco starts telling very personal things about his life that I’ve never heard before. You can also see many glimpses Zuka, his old home Where he lived when he was young, from the first radio point of Montembraro to Monte della Croce. I think it will lead to another round for the fans. Zocca comes out well, it’s a beautiful show Also for our lands.


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